Monday, April 30, 2012

Downunder Adventure

G'Day Mates - we are back and we had so much fun and visited sooooo many places.  Mom as usual went snap happy with the flashy beast so we are going to have to split our adventure into a couple of parts. First we went to visit Aunty Kris in South Australia and she even had a doggie door in the door just for us!  We saw the Flinders Ranges and the funniest little towns which look pretty much like they did 100 years ago! We also saw the BIGGEST ever chickens just grazing around amongst the sheep - Mom says they are called Emu's - but we were thinking one of those on thanksgiving would feed a whole neighborhood!!!  Aunty Kris lives right near the sea so we got to run on the beach (being careful not to get wet of coarse) and chase the seagulls.  Then we went on a train called "The Ghan" it runs from Darwin to Adelaide and that takes 3 days! We just got it from Aunty Kris's home to Adelaide and it only took 5 hours but it was so cool! Adelaide is called the city of churches and gardens and is so beautiful. We LOVED all the  gardens especially the ones surrounding the zoo and the botanic garden was just pawsome. We went on a tram (trolley ride) down to Glenelg which is by the sea and got to run on the beach again. Mom and Dad LOVE Glenelg and it is on their list of possible retirement places. (Hey did you know know Glenelg is one of those funny worlds that is spelled the same forward and backwards?) Then we got on a plane and went back to Sydney where we visited the Opera House, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, took ferry rides, went up into the blue mountains, went to another beach did lots and lots of walking and saw lots and lots more things.  So stay turned - our adventure begins tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ready to head home

Hello every doggie - sorry we haven't been able to keep you update but the hotel we stayed at was charging $28.90 a day for the Internet and Mom and Dad refused to pay that much for it!!!! We have been so pawsomely busy though, we went to the opera house and Sydney harbor bridge. We got to walk in the best ever gardens, went to the beach and just visiting so many place that our paws are worn out! We also went to visit the Blue Mountains and that was pawsome too....we have just been the the busiest pups. We are now in the lounge for our trip going to be a looooooonnnnnnggggg flight. Dad was just reading that the monsters have been VERY busy at home and one of them has chewed a hole in the lounge.....and dug up one of mom's herb planters......hhhhmmmm it must be that Jackie because as you know Denny and I have been here in Australia. We have lots oh photos to share ...might be a few days before you see them though as Mom says we might be suffering from a little jet leg.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hi every doggie We have been having so much fun down here in the land down under (otherwise known as Australia) Sorry no photo,s today but this silly iPad thing mom bought me doesn't have a way for me to transfer photos from my camera to it. Today we have been to the Adelaide zoo and the Adelaide botanic gardens and we had so much fun there chasing the ducks and running in the grass. We got a bit scared when we heard this weird thing in the trees...we thought the tree was laughing at us but mom said it was kookaburras laughing. There are a lot of sheep in this says I would be such a good sheep dog if it was for the fact that I am allergic to them. Denny has been as kooky as ever. And mom got photos of him doing a down under impression - he was upside down! We are off to Sydney tomorrow and will be checking out the sydney opera house and we are going on a ferry that goes right by it and then under the Sydney bridge. I hope we don't get sea sick! We have lots of photos to share when we can get to a computer that can read the camera card. Miss you all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where in the world are we?

G'Mates - we be off on the other side of the world - can you guess where? Today we went to visit an arid lands gardens where there are signs that say "Keep a watch for brown snakes" (That is a hint! ) Another hint is to look at the clear blue and very hot sky. We are having sooooo much fun ......even if we are in flat form. Tonight Auntie Kris is doing a barbie and we are having lamb chops snaggers (sausages) and steak and she says we can eat ALL we want. We love our Auntie Kris

Friday, April 13, 2012

All in a tangle

Mom has been busy IGNORING ME whiles working on these. These are the Zentangle pages for two of the winners - Fred and Gloria and Sweet William. Our third winner is being "woofully" slow about sending some photos - yes woo know who woo are :) :) We are sorry we couldn't get a good photo of them - it is so overcast today. Mom is going to pit them in the frames this afternoon - don't forget we need addresses to send to these too :) It kinda helps if the post mam knows where to deliver them too :)
In other news we will not be blogging for the next couple of weeks but we will be checking on you all and trying to leave comments.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Oooohhhhmmmmm Ohhhhhmmmmmm
Quiet please - I am meditating and contemplating on all the troubles of the world - lack of treats, not enough walkies, need for more stuffies - less baths and being allowed to roll on dead birds.

Oooohhhhmmmmm Ohhhhhmmmmmm
It is tough being the Zen Master of the Doggie World. There are so few of us and we required to bring peace to dogdom. That a tall order for a short little guy like me.

Oooohhhhmmmmm Ohhhhhmmmmmm Yuuuuuuuuummmmm
Was that the sound on the dinner bowl.....some things take precedence over mainting the perfect balance and harmony of dogdom - dinner is one one if them......I'm coming MOM !!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

We are still here

I am sorry we haven't been blogging much or visiting, the Mom still isn't doing so well and I am soooo busy taking care of her I hardly have time to woof! Spring is definately here in our area and it is so nice we just want to be outside. Yesterday I DRAGGED the Mom and Dad to the park and MADE them go for a walk and a picnic! Oh boy we got to taste some of the GOOD stuff and I mean the REAL GOOD STUFF - KFC. I could only have a tiny piece because well you know - I am allergic to chicken.....but Mom couldn't resist my pleading eyes and the drool dripping on her foot (gawoof gawoof). The Wuzster was so scared by everything going on around us that he didn't even want any chicken. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that boy. Cousin 'IT' was being sooooo psycho his Mom took him off by himself to try and calm him down - yeah you know how well that worked! Just look how green MY park is - isn't it wonderful!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Scottie dogs

The Mom was off at the craft store yesterday (a place she spends way to much time at and way to much of those green things) May I point out that our favorite pet store is right next to the craft store but did she go in there and spend green things to get us treats......NNNNNOOOOOO! And did she go in there to take photo's of the nice treats we didn't get.......NNNNNNOOOOOO. Anyway, she came across these cute little Scottie dogs. She thought straight away about Jazzie, Sweet William and Stewart. So where are photo's of the cute shelties things mom - don't they have those at the craft store? It is Jazzie's 6th Birthday today - so happy birthday to you - you wee bonnie lassie :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where's Denny?

So yesterday Mom had the BIG camera out taking photos. It's one with a fancy lens and all the bells and whistles. Mom finds it a bit heavy for every day use though and usually sticks to one she can carry in her pocket. The Wuzster of coarse was scared of it - he doesn't like the sound of the lens auto focusing and his doesn't like the size of it, or the look of it (you get the picture - oh I made a pun!) So this is why he wasn't in the photos yesterday because he is a BIG scared scardey dog wuzster!

He also doesn't like to sit and wait when Mom asks him too and he doesn't like being close to us - my dogness there is not much that boy does like or isn't scared of. Here is the one shot Mom managed to get of all three of us and this took nearly 15 minutes and a lot bribing with treats I can tell you! Mom says she is dermined to get a photo of of in descending order heights - yeah - whatever Mom. I think the odds of that happening are that are up there with winning the lotto!

She did finally manage to get some good shots of Wuzster by himself - you need to bigafi them to see them at their best (just double click on the photo). She also got some cool shots of cousin "IT" not that I can understand why anyone would want to see HIM. Now some of you mentioned how 'cute' we looked together (excuse me while I barf) I Reilly DO NOT like 'IT'. I merely tolerate his presence. [Note from Mom - this is actually true - Reilly isn't very fond if Jackie - he will play with Denny but growls or gives Jackie that 'evil eye stare' if he gets to close. Denny on the other hand LOVES Jackie and they are indeed best buddies] Stay tuned for Jackie shots tomorrow - we know he has a lot of secret admirers -gag I feel another barf coming on!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's that - is it a monster?

Weilly says I am a Wuzster because I am scared of EVERYTHING........ohhhhhh what's that in your hand Mommy - it looks kinda scary and why does it make funny noises and why does that thing move on the front of it......I am not really scared of it - I just don't know what it is. Mommy says it's "just a camera" but I don't know ........that 'just a camera' things worries me.

Maybe it's the underwear monster Mommy - the one that has been visiting our house the last few weeks - the one that 'finds' Jackie's Mommy underwear and then takes them outside to the "Denny Spot" and chews them up! And why does Jackie's Mommy leave her underwears on the floor where the monster can find it - that is what I want to know?

I am being framed I tell you - FRAMED - the 'monster' takes everything out to MY special spot just to get me in trouble. When Mom's stylus for her ipad went missing - guess where it was found, and daddies socks - how do they keep getting out there. The missing $10 winning scratchy ticket, the screwdriver Daddy had been using outside and the power cord for Daddy's phone, the half a bag of Doritos mom had left a little too close to the edge of the table and well the list goes on...... so is it any wonder I look worried. Wouldn't you be worried if you were being blamed for all this? And can you believe - the monster ate ALL the Doritos and didn't leave me any!