Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's that - is it a monster?

Weilly says I am a Wuzster because I am scared of EVERYTHING........ohhhhhh what's that in your hand Mommy - it looks kinda scary and why does it make funny noises and why does that thing move on the front of it......I am not really scared of it - I just don't know what it is. Mommy says it's "just a camera" but I don't know ........that 'just a camera' things worries me.

Maybe it's the underwear monster Mommy - the one that has been visiting our house the last few weeks - the one that 'finds' Jackie's Mommy underwear and then takes them outside to the "Denny Spot" and chews them up! And why does Jackie's Mommy leave her underwears on the floor where the monster can find it - that is what I want to know?

I am being framed I tell you - FRAMED - the 'monster' takes everything out to MY special spot just to get me in trouble. When Mom's stylus for her ipad went missing - guess where it was found, and daddies socks - how do they keep getting out there. The missing $10 winning scratchy ticket, the screwdriver Daddy had been using outside and the power cord for Daddy's phone, the half a bag of Doritos mom had left a little too close to the edge of the table and well the list goes on...... so is it any wonder I look worried. Wouldn't you be worried if you were being blamed for all this? And can you believe - the monster ate ALL the Doritos and didn't leave me any!


  1. Sounds like you need to call in the Monster Busters or something like that. You must be a serious threat to them if they keep framing you. I know you are innocent, I can see it in your eyes.

  2. poor denny
    we know such monsters.they live in germany ,too.
    they even ate from mommas sandwich when she left the room someday.
    but one day we will catch one of them and then the momma and dad will be very sorry to have blamed all the bad things on US!
    we are looking forward to many,many treats that day!hehe
    the foxbrothers

  3. I believe you, Denny. You look totally innocent to me! How were the Doritos?

    Love ya lots,

  4. That bad monster. We sometimes have that monster at our house too.

  5. No kidding Denny! The monster ate ALL of them? Wow...better stay under cover till your Mom finds that old monster.

  6. HaHa! That is quite a list of things you are being framed for Denny. You do look very worried in the second picture! That darn monster!

  7. You got underwear monsters too! I can't believe they just air out our humans dirty laundry like that all over the house! Thought that was just in our house -- those monsters must be everywhere!

  8. How could this happen to you, poor Denny! I'm so sorry that you're framed!

    You're such an angel, right?

    Bad bad monster!!!

  9. Those monsters can be a nuisance!!

  10. Oh Denny we are sorry you have monsters. No undie monsters, but we have paper monsters here.

  11. Ain't it arful always being blamed for everything.


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