Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where's Denny?

So yesterday Mom had the BIG camera out taking photos. It's one with a fancy lens and all the bells and whistles. Mom finds it a bit heavy for every day use though and usually sticks to one she can carry in her pocket. The Wuzster of coarse was scared of it - he doesn't like the sound of the lens auto focusing and his doesn't like the size of it, or the look of it (you get the picture - oh I made a pun!) So this is why he wasn't in the photos yesterday because he is a BIG scared scardey dog wuzster!

He also doesn't like to sit and wait when Mom asks him too and he doesn't like being close to us - my dogness there is not much that boy does like or isn't scared of. Here is the one shot Mom managed to get of all three of us and this took nearly 15 minutes and a lot bribing with treats I can tell you! Mom says she is dermined to get a photo of of in descending order heights - yeah - whatever Mom. I think the odds of that happening are that are up there with winning the lotto!

She did finally manage to get some good shots of Wuzster by himself - you need to bigafi them to see them at their best (just double click on the photo). She also got some cool shots of cousin "IT" not that I can understand why anyone would want to see HIM. Now some of you mentioned how 'cute' we looked together (excuse me while I barf) I Reilly DO NOT like 'IT'. I merely tolerate his presence. [Note from Mom - this is actually true - Reilly isn't very fond if Jackie - he will play with Denny but growls or gives Jackie that 'evil eye stare' if he gets to close. Denny on the other hand LOVES Jackie and they are indeed best buddies] Stay tuned for Jackie shots tomorrow - we know he has a lot of secret admirers -gag I feel another barf coming on!


  1. Zeesh, little brofurs hu??!! Play bows,


  2. Very good shots! Poor Denny - maybe he will outgrow being afraid of everything....

  3. You just don't like the paparazi or in this case the mamarazi. We understand. Although we have kind of gotten a little annoyed when Mama spends time taking pictures of other stuff and ignores us. Then we wander into her pictures.

  4. I don't like the camera noises either, I usually go away when I hear it. Maybe you should take some pepto stuff so you don't barf for the pictures. Just saying.

    Loveys Sasha

  5. Stewie can relate to the camera...he always gives a pathetic face as though he is miserable. Tucker is learning to forget the camera is there...

    Come on all of you and give a funny face for mom!

  6. Those are most handsome shots of you, Denny! The camera loves you - you should love the camera!

    Love ya lots,

  7. Well that Denny is a handsome boy, but you are still our favorite Reilly!

  8. BEAUTIFUL photos!! You all look fantastic!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  9. Nice pictures, great looking Shelties! Best wishes, hugs to your dogs, Karen @ collars-4-dogs


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