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Many Dog (and other animals) bloggers love to send holiday/event cards to their buddies or to participate in the Christmas gift exchange.

We also feel deeply when one of our buddies leaves us to cross the rainbow bridge and want to be able to let their Mom's and Dad's know we are thinking about them.

So it was we set up the Dog Blogger Mailing List to make it easier to do this. (A button is available on the right hand side to add to your own blog if you want to - it lets other know you are on the list).

The list is stored online and is only accessible via an invite only.

The list is currently being updated weekly, but you can edit your own information when ever you need to (such as when you add a dog to your family or lose one)

Every effort is being made to make sure advertisers and sponsors do not have access to this list (so far I have only had one try and they did not make it past the initial details email)- if you do receive any unsolicited advertising emails from someone on the list - please contact me and I will remove them immediately - they will not be able to access the list again.

You can delete your information any time you want too.

Please remember this list is for personal use only - it is just a way for our little dog blogger community to stay in touch and share the joy or birthdays etc.

To participate you will need to provide in an email to me - - the following information.

Furbies Name (s)
Parents Name (optional but recommended as Post Office prefer a person name for some reason - especially if you have to sign for a package)
Fubabies Birthday or Gottcha Day
Street Address / PO Box
City or Town
Zip/Post Code
Blog Address (optional)
Facebook (optional)
Email (optional but recommended as many like to send e-cards at Christmas)

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