Friday, March 13, 2020

B is for BIG

We are  growing so fast. Look what a difference a few weeks makes! We are busy do our training at the moment but our adventures will start soon.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

P is for park - P is for Pinecones

Oh boy - Mom took us somewhere new today - it is called the Doggie Park and all over the ground were these awesome toys that Mom called pine cones and WE LOVE them pine cones. (Dont worry - Mom made sure we didn't eat them - just played with them) They are all crunchy and roll around when you pounce them. We was a bit disappointed that there were no other other doggies to say hello to but we had a great time running around. But guess what else we got to see - guess guess guess - they are small furry creatures that Mom called squirrels. I the Remi dog wasn't very interested in them but Kenzie went into 'pointer dog' mode when he saw one, he just stood absolutely still with one foot up in the air - he is such a dufuss.

Nom nom nom
Crunch crunch crunch
Nom Nom Crunch
SQUIRREL - point point point
More crunch crunch
Kenzie blends into the background

Friday, January 17, 2020

Beach Bums

Mom has been taking us to this wonderful place called "the beach" ...oh wow - there are so many smelly things there. There is there wonderful stuff called sand that is so much fun to roll in and there are things called shells that we try to eat....they are VERY hard salty biscuits. And there are funny bowls of water all over the beach (large cockles) and Mom is always telling us not to drink them from them - but they is bowls of water???? The best of all is "dead stuff" that Mom is always telling us to stay away from - but gosh - it smells so good. Remi managed to sneak in a good roll on a dead crab but that meant we both had to bath when we got home which is totally not fair !
Remi rollin in the sand
Remi being silly
Remi and Kenzie - learning the sit pretty !

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Becoming junior bark rangers

We are 12 weeks old today and after going to vets to get our booster shots Mom took us to a place called the arboretum gardens where she told us we have a very important tradition to carry on - that of becoming bark rangers like our angel brothers Reilly and Denny were. Mom says we did very well...we sniffed and checked out all the pee mail and yes we even left a little of our own! We greeted all the people’s we met so happily and welcomed them to “our” park. We even greeted some doggies and said they were welcome too. Yes...I think we are well on our way to becoming bark rangers.

We are all sleepy now but Mom says we have another adventure this afternoon - we are going to puppy training class!
It’s a long path for little doggies

Hurry up Mom know we can’t stand still!