Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the neighborhood

Here I was thinking we were going out to get the newspaper (but wondering why I had my lead on as I don't usually do that just to get the paper) when Mom surprised me and said "lets go for a walk big dog - just you and me" Dog oh dog was I happy!!!! We actually had some rain a few days ago so everything is looking very green and pretty. Of coarse I had to check all the latest pee-mail and leave some 'messages' of my own. As we were walking Mom suddenly noticed something. Around our neighborhood the houses all have these big brick mail boxes and many people have decorated the tops with things. Here are some we saw - there was a big urn on one - a pineapple on another and a pug dog and puppy on another. We have many more to share (we were very carefully not to show numbers or addresses). We wondered if any one else has interesting mail boxes around their neighborhood? Take your Moms and Dad out for a walk and see what you can find - we will even send out some presents to the best ones. Have fun and remember those parents NEED the exercise - we only go to keep them company gawoof gawoof!!! Of coarse now Mom is wondering if she can find a sheltie statue to go on our mail box - silly Mom!

PS - She did find some !!! They are a little too expensive for us but - you can see them here - and many other doggies too !


Monday, August 29, 2011

She MADE me do it !!!

Weilly warned me about this thing that Mom's make us do - called "posing" but as much as I kept trying to ignore her she was hypnotizing me with that sing song voice of hers and saying the magic word "cookie". How is a little guy like me - with hardly any world experience supposed to ignore that? So here I was - sitting up on this thing called a "stump" looking all cute for the Mom. I am sowry Weilly - I let you down but I am going to practice real hard not to look at the flashy beast any more! I must say though - I am really liking this thing called "walkies" and going to the place Weilly calls the "lake". Weilly says I have to do something called "sniffing" - he says it's the best part of going to the lake - but I am not sure what this 'sniffing" business thing is yet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

One happy boy ! (Actually 3 of them)

This is ME - one happy boy - guess where I went this morning? It was pawsome - we went for such a long walk and it was actually cool !!! We also had the most perfect morning for a long walk - look at the clear blue sky. I am pooped though - so will share the 'others' walkie photo's tomorrow. Gotta go veg under the air conditioner for awhile now.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yes it is me!

I know many of you are wondering why I am not appearing on MY OWN blog lately. It isn't that Mom isn't trying, she tries tempting me outside with treats, even dragged me out there on the lead - but the minute I see that flashy thing - I am off faster then fish left outside in the sun! She even tried taking photo's inside but of coarse I look everywhere but at her or that flashy thing. This has taken years of honing my avoidance skills and my dogness I think I really have it now!!! Of coarse there is ALWAYS the occasional "slip-up" and today WAS tornado siren testing day - which of coarse means I have to go outside and sing along. Can you believe it - Mom actually blocked my doggie door so I couldn't sneak back in when I saw the flashy thing!!! So there I was "TRAPPED" with the flashy thing pointing right at me - I WAS NOT going to sing with that there and I did my best to avoid it - I really did. You can also see that my allergies are still bothering me - and being outside in the heat makes me itchy "DO YOU HEAR THAT MOM !!" So no - the Mom isn't favoring the "THING" or the "IT" she just can't get the handsome one - ME - to sit still for a picture or two.

****WARNING**** watching this video may start your furbabies barking :)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Growing Up Denny :)

Ello - Weilly said it would be ok for me to share his bloggie today. Mom say you might all like to know how I am doin. I am now 15 weeks old and I am a big grown up dog!!! (What are you gawoofing at Weilly !!!)

I just had the last of my puppy shots and guess what - I don't like those vet people very much. I shake and tremble every time we go there - that is such a scary place with scary mean people who jab you in the tush with sharp ouchie things.

Mom says I am not much of a "people' doggie at the moment - she is working hard on this. When ever we go to pet store or out and about - I tend to want hide behind Mom if peoples come near me or want to pat me. Hey - they are big and tall and they are scary for a little guy like me and a few times I have even thrown up my breakfast because they have upset me so much! I am ok with other doggies though and the honey badger in me comes out and I let them know who is the boss - ME. I don't take no guff from any doggie!!!

I also don't like change - if Mom moves something from it's usual place I have to growl and bark at it; like shoes, the broom, the laundry basket and my goodness shopping bags - they shouldn't be on the floor - what are they doing there, where did they come from - woof woof woof!! Even things like when Mom wore jeans the other day instead of her normal skirts; I had to bark and growl at that too. Strange noises also have to be growled and barked at - like this thing dad use's to brush his teeth, or that roaring thing he dries his hair with and that thing Mom uses to clean the floor with - oh my dog is that scary!

Mom says I have some "issues" that we have to work on but I think I am just being me - Denny and Mom is the one with "issues" !!! Oh, Mom also registered me yesterday with the AKC and was so happy to see that they have now included Colored Headed Whites in the color selection. They didn't have that option when Weilly was registered. Oh and guess what else - Weilly has started to play tug with me!! We have really good tugs and Mom thinks it funny because we both make the same noises when we tug!

We also want to say happy happy birthday to Wyatt - he is soooooo old. He is 3 today - can you imagine that - gosh he's almost as ancient as Weilly! We do love to see Wyatt's garden and his adventures and hope he gets lots of treats.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Now you may be wondering why "IT" is attached at my hip - it was because of an AWFUL noise we could hear outside and the little dude was SCARED (gawoof gawoof). Mom says it is actually our neighbor playing the 'bagpipes'. He was playing them????? We though he way doing something evil to them - surely that can't be the 'normal' sound they make - can it?

Here is a short video of me trying to do a vocal accompaniment errrmmmm I mean telling the neighbor off - with Denny assisting in the background.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mom's a bit worried

So the Mom says she's a bit worried about me - you know why - because I am enjoying my retirement! Since the "THING" - "HONEY BADGER" - Denny (what ever you want to call it has come, I have slipped gracefully into an old age attitude - or so Mom thinks. I don't play with the youngsters, rarely get past a fast walk and generally snooze most the day. (Well gee Mom - ya think months of 90+ degree all day every day has something to do with that????) Really - give me one good reason why I should exert myself? Mom says I am thinking and acting like I am 10 year old instead of 4 - well if she had to carry this big old coat around - she wouldn't be feeling so spritely either! I say "leave the boy alone and wake me up when winter comes" Paws up for those who agree.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cleaning up - Denny Style

This is kind of a part two to the previous video - Denny "Helping" Mom to clean up the mess he created - although he says he was framed and that it wasn't him !


Monday, August 15, 2011

The Honey Badger Did It !!!

Mom asked Dad to take down the potted petunias which had finished flowering. She put them on the deck and went inside to get a trash bag and answer the phone - by time she came back - this is what she found. Denny (or as we like to call him "the Honey Badger") had a wonderful time "helping Mom get the plants out.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walkies at the park

We all went to the park again this morning except this time Dad came with us to control "IT" Dad also worked with "IT" putting him a calm position every time someone or some doggie went by and by the end of our walk "IT" was actually ignoring peoples and doggies. There was just so many good smells and it was actually cool this morning so very enjoyable. Mom even managed to get a picture of all three of us in one picture !!!!

We thought we would share some of the views of "MY" park. Here is one looking across the lake and then here is one Mom thought was so interesting - she said the woodpeckers have been busy. I am not sure what these woodpeckers are but they sure seem to like making holes in the trees. Luckily they picked a tree that was already damaged from last years storms.

What a great morning we had - but can believe it, when we got home all three of us got baths - and you know how much I hate water - it was sheer torture ! Water at the lake is nice to look at - but water in a bath tub is just plain evil ! Hope you all had a great weekend and got to do fun things.

Friday, August 12, 2011

All in the day of a pup

Oh Mom - do I really have to sit here looking all cute??? There is just so many more interesting things for a little guy like me to be doing.

Like a good game of bitey-face with Jackie - yeah - look I won, I got him. But you know Mom - all this looking cute and playing bitey face sure does make a pup tired - so I think I will just lay here in the shade of Weilly's tree and have a little nap.

Hey where is Weilly? Why doesn't he ever want to be in pictures with me - doesn't he like me Mom?


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poor Mom Was Sooo Frazzled

Now as you know - I am the PERFECT dog. I walk nicely when we go to the park, I don't bark at other doggies and I generally just do my own thing - which of coarse involves a lot of sniffing. So what was the Mom thinking this morning when she took ALL 3 of us to the park??? Now I am not bemoaning about the park - it is the first time in weeks it has been cool enough for us to go - but to take an untrained puppy (Denny), the psycho walker (Jackson) and perfect me was quite a handful - to say the least.

Silly Mom thought it would help to have me and "IT" on one of those double walker leads - BIG MISTAKE. "IT" is a weaver - he weaves back and forth, runs under me, around me, in front of me and being on a double walker - that means I get all tied up. "IT" also has very very poor doggie skills and will go psycho when he sees another dog - which means more getting tangled up. I am VERY pleased to say "THING" (I may have to consider calling him Denny after this) walked perfectly - which considering it's the first time he has had a lead on - was AMAZING. Mom was very proud of the little guy.

Both Mom and I were a bit saddened to see that the park is no longer green - but after two + months of 90+ degree and no rain - it is to be expected. Not that I really cared - I just wanted to sniff and my dogness there were so many great smells! And so we ATTEMPTED to walk - with "IT" weaving every which way and getting me and even Mom all tangled up and even getting tangled up with the trees!! Poor Mom was so frazzled by time we headed back to the car I thought she was going to throw "IT" in the lake and drive off - forever leaving stories of the "IT" lake monster at Craighead Forest Park. She didn't of coarse but vowed not to take all three of us again by herself. It looks like we might have another cool day this weekend and she says Dad HAS TO take the "IT".

So that was our big adventure and it sure was great to get out (even if it was stressful) and now the Denny knows why we were soooooo excited when Mom said the magic word - P-A-R-K.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Comparisons & Apology

I thought I would do a little comparison today. Here I am at 10 weeks and here is "THING" (aka Denny) at 14 weeks. I was already bigger then him! Mom says "THING" looks a lot more 'delicate' which I figure is another name for whimpy - what do you think?

We just realized that our google reader hasn't been working properly - we wondered why not many doggies had been posting !!! We just saw "Lightening" the addition to the woo's family and missed ALL the posts about his arrival and his first few days. I am so sorry guys and gals - you must think I am an awful doggie not visiting and offering warms wishes to the new member. I am off to manually check all our other buddies pages and see what else we have been missing. Stupid Stupid Google Reader !!!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cute moments

Firstly I want to apologize for not visiting every doggies blogs the last few days. When I am not slumbering - I have been busy taking care of Mom who hasn't been feeling well this past week. Her arth-e-ritis thingy has been bothering her and it is making it hard for her to get around. She did manage to capture these cute "aaaaawwwwww" moments though. As you can see "IT" and "THING" are best-est ever buddies. (Gawoof gawoof - I can call them that today cause Mom isn't looking over my shoulder today) Mom is a bit worried how "THING" will cope when "IT" moves to Nebraska to be with his Mom. Luckily it has been put off another month as "IT's" Mom isn't going to get an apartment until October. The other photo is of "THING" enjoying a piece of Duck Jerky. It take's the little guy awhile to gnaw through it but he does it - even though he has only half his teeth at the moment. His big dog teeth are just starting to come through now. "THING" has also grown quite a bit and is now an inch taller then "IT". Mom is beginning to think that "THING" might not be as small as she thought he would be (Both his dog parents are 14 inches) - but then again both of mine were under 15" and look at me - I am 17.5". I be the BIG sheltie dog!!! I guess time will tell. OK - I am off to check on the Mom again.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Yawn yawn

While everyone is napping I decided I would take some time out of my own slumber and post some updates on MY blog - things those others won't tell you!!!!

Like how the "honey badger" had to have a sudden and quick bath this morning. Gawoof gawoof - the Mom picked him up for a cuddle and suddenly held him way out at arm lengths mumbling about what a 'stinker he was. I wandered over to investigate and yes, he had that enticing aroma of "eu de colgne dead bird" vintage of at least 2 days and fermented in 100+ heat. He was pretty ripe I must say and I did enjoy seeing him get not one but two baths before the Mom was satisfied that the smell was gone. Personally I kinda liked it - but Mom found the offending perfume maker and removed it before I could partake in a good roll myself. This is the fourth dead baby bird we have found and mom thinks there are some other birds trying to get into the nest boxes and throwing the babies out - she isn't too happy about that. Nor was she happy when she found "IT" had found one and was happily chewing the head off - can we all say eeeeeerrrrkkkkkk.

As for me - I am enjoying retirement - from not having to play with "IT". He no longer pushes toys in my face or jumps on me - now. Instead "THING" does that to "IT" Okay Mom - Honey Badger not THING - she says it's okay to call him that but not "THING" We all know that "THING" and "IT" are their real names though!!!! Time to head back for some more slumber......yawn.