Friday, August 5, 2011

Yawn yawn

While everyone is napping I decided I would take some time out of my own slumber and post some updates on MY blog - things those others won't tell you!!!!

Like how the "honey badger" had to have a sudden and quick bath this morning. Gawoof gawoof - the Mom picked him up for a cuddle and suddenly held him way out at arm lengths mumbling about what a 'stinker he was. I wandered over to investigate and yes, he had that enticing aroma of "eu de colgne dead bird" vintage of at least 2 days and fermented in 100+ heat. He was pretty ripe I must say and I did enjoy seeing him get not one but two baths before the Mom was satisfied that the smell was gone. Personally I kinda liked it - but Mom found the offending perfume maker and removed it before I could partake in a good roll myself. This is the fourth dead baby bird we have found and mom thinks there are some other birds trying to get into the nest boxes and throwing the babies out - she isn't too happy about that. Nor was she happy when she found "IT" had found one and was happily chewing the head off - can we all say eeeeeerrrrkkkkkk.

As for me - I am enjoying retirement - from not having to play with "IT". He no longer pushes toys in my face or jumps on me - now. Instead "THING" does that to "IT" Okay Mom - Honey Badger not THING - she says it's okay to call him that but not "THING" We all know that "THING" and "IT" are their real names though!!!! Time to head back for some more slumber......yawn.


  1. oooh, we love that smell here too. last week i gave the humans a run for their money when i rolled in dead snake. fabulous!

  2. Well I guess thing has a purpose after all.

  3. It seems like you are enjoying retirement! Harley rolled in a dead, decomposing bird on a walk...what's up with the smelly things??? Us humans like smells like when our furpals step out of the bath... :-)

    Thanks for the updates! Now quick! Go catch some snooze time and no one will even know you were blogging!

  4. BOL... rest well, Rielly.. you need it to keep up with Thing and It!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. Two baths, OMD, you must have had a good belly laugh.


  6. But when "IT" I mean Jackson, moves back to Nebraska won't "THING" I mean Honey I mean Denny be back at pushing toys in your face?

  7. Poor Denny having to get 2 baths in one day! Does he like baths, Reilly?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Thanks for the update on how things are really going at your house Reilly! Glad you aren't being bugged by IT any more!

  9. Always fun watching others get a bath when it isn't you. :)


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