Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Growing Up Denny :)

Ello - Weilly said it would be ok for me to share his bloggie today. Mom say you might all like to know how I am doin. I am now 15 weeks old and I am a big grown up dog!!! (What are you gawoofing at Weilly !!!)

I just had the last of my puppy shots and guess what - I don't like those vet people very much. I shake and tremble every time we go there - that is such a scary place with scary mean people who jab you in the tush with sharp ouchie things.

Mom says I am not much of a "people' doggie at the moment - she is working hard on this. When ever we go to pet store or out and about - I tend to want hide behind Mom if peoples come near me or want to pat me. Hey - they are big and tall and they are scary for a little guy like me and a few times I have even thrown up my breakfast because they have upset me so much! I am ok with other doggies though and the honey badger in me comes out and I let them know who is the boss - ME. I don't take no guff from any doggie!!!

I also don't like change - if Mom moves something from it's usual place I have to growl and bark at it; like shoes, the broom, the laundry basket and my goodness shopping bags - they shouldn't be on the floor - what are they doing there, where did they come from - woof woof woof!! Even things like when Mom wore jeans the other day instead of her normal skirts; I had to bark and growl at that too. Strange noises also have to be growled and barked at - like this thing dad use's to brush his teeth, or that roaring thing he dries his hair with and that thing Mom uses to clean the floor with - oh my dog is that scary!

Mom says I have some "issues" that we have to work on but I think I am just being me - Denny and Mom is the one with "issues" !!! Oh, Mom also registered me yesterday with the AKC and was so happy to see that they have now included Colored Headed Whites in the color selection. They didn't have that option when Weilly was registered. Oh and guess what else - Weilly has started to play tug with me!! We have really good tugs and Mom thinks it funny because we both make the same noises when we tug!

We also want to say happy happy birthday to Wyatt - he is soooooo old. He is 3 today - can you imagine that - gosh he's almost as ancient as Weilly! We do love to see Wyatt's garden and his adventures and hope he gets lots of treats.


  1. Dear Denny,
    I don't like change either!! No siree! Things are supposed to happen at a certain time and in a certain order. I used to be afraid of many things - trash trucks, the vacuum, barking doggies - but I'm Mr. Cool, now. I still like routine, but I am a sweet, gentle and mellow guy.



  2. Happy 15 weeks to Denny and Lightning. He will be getting his last puppy shot on Friday. He too likes to hide behind Mom when someone new comes along. But Mom thinks the D.A.P. calming collar he wears has helped a lot. He isn't afraid of Dad's shoes now or the little bipeds. And as long as new people don't go all ga ga over him and let him feel his way around, he eventually comes over on his own. Lots of socialization times needed for puppies so they grow up to be good canines. It just takes time. Your Mom knows what she is doing.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Tell Mom the change thing is VERY Sheltie. Even vacuuming is considered a major life change in this house. Removing dust and hair is something that causes concern.

    It can take a while to learn to trust and accept people. Bailey was naturally outgoing and loves people. It came easily to him. Katy has had to work really hard at it and while she has come a long way, it is still hard for her to be around people other than Mom or Dad. She too seems to do better with dogs than people.

  4. It is perfectly normal at your age to go through the 'fear imprint' stage. You'll grow out of it though. We knows your family will see you through!!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  5. I used to shy away from hoomans when I was a youngster like you, Denny. It's just a stage you're going through. You're going to be just fine! Happy 15 weeks!

    Love ya lots

  6. Happpy 15 Weeks Old Denny. I guess you are only 4 weeks older than me.


    PS Grrreat Auntie Essex sez hi too.

  7. Oh Denny! Katie does some of the same things and she's almost FIVE! She doesn't like when things get moved around either. "WHat is THAT Mom? IT wasn't there YESTERDAY!" LOL. I think you'll grow out of some of your..ummm..Mom's issues with time.


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