Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sarcastic Sunday

I HATE THE IPAD!!!!!!!!!!  I just thought I would go against the mass consensus and share the real truth about this useless piece of shit technology. Here are some of top reasons others - commonly referred to geeks - also don't like it. (Note: a quick search found 53,000 " why I hate the iPad comments!) I should mention I have had my iPad over 6 months now and hate it more every day!

  1. You can’t initialize your iPad unless you have a computer.
  2. AND an iTunes account.
  3. My ability to personalize the device (it is MINE, right?) is extremely limited.
  4. Many of the apps can’t be personalized (what if don’t LIKE brown for my calendar)?
  5. It does not support flash.
  6. It does not support Java.
  7. It has no USB ports.
  8. Memory is limited.
  9. It can only do one thing at a time.
  10. There is no BACK button.
  11. There is only one way to do most things.
  12. You can’t put anything on it, except through iTunes.
  13. You can’t take anything off, except through iTunes.
  14. There are many things you can’t readily save elsewhere AT ALL.

For me personally I would also add.......
1.  Try using it to blog.....good grief!
If you want to add a photo to your post it is near impossible and trying to put the photo where you want it ....forget about it! And it won't even show you the whole screen in blogger!

2. Trying to edit anything will just about make you bald (from pulling your hair out in frustration). This constant having to correct the stupid auto correct, having to hide the keyboard so you can go back in a paragraph ....flicking between screens constantly to get to numbers and symbols.....ahhhhhhh it is no wonder my furs is falling out.

3. The touch screen is so rough on the paws......half the time I have to paw at something 2-3 times to get anything to appear even using the expensive stylus dad bought me doesn't help.

4. Don't even get me started on the browser safari another piece of crap useless technology

5. Basically the only thing it is good for is making your blood pressure go up and for playing games on if you thinking about getting one of these......we would recommend you think twice about it and get something more windows based.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We got snow for Christmas!

Late last night it started snowing and it snowed most the night - we couldn't think of a better present on Christmas day!  Can you believe it though - dad got up this morning and thought one of us had pee'ed on the carpet because there was spots of wet all over the place. He was confused why it was just spots though  - then he realized we had been outside playing in the snow and we had bought it inside on our coats !   Really Dad - we can't believe you would even think that - WE haven't pee'ed inside for since we were puppies!!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Thank You

Merry Christmas Every Furbaby and their Mom and Dads.

I got to open my present from Ranger this morning and dog oh dog am I one spoiled and happy boy. Me - I really loved the treats but Mom - she LOVED that Ranger's Mom had made me my own special place mat for my food dishes. We can not thank Ranger and his Mom enough for making my Christmas special.

Denny also got his present from Addie and as you will see he was being a bit of a scardy cat as we opened his presents. He is such a Dweeb!!!!  He really did love them all - once he got to use to them and we LOVED the special mat Addie's Mom made for Denny too. Thank you both Ranger and Addie for making our Christmas special. (Other Dweeb - Jackson - is off in Tennessee with his mom so no video of him)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Musing on Monday #2

This morning something very strange happened - all the Christmas cards and decorations were gone - put away. We asked Mom if it was because we were naughty - she smiled sadly - big tears in her eyes and said NO - that we are one of the few good things this Christmas.

Mom sat on the floor with us giving us big hugs cuddles and said that even though this is a time of joy and happiness, love and what should be peace on earth - there is a huge section of the population around the world that do not feel way and there is also a small section of people who find it to be one of the most painful and depressing times of the year - and that is what my Mom is feeling.

Mom knows there is no reason she should feel this way and that she is incredibly lucky for she has a home, food in the cupboards, the bills are paid and she has warm clothes to wear. She knows Dad and us boys love her beyond words and that we would do anything to make her happy...but sadly at this time of year she just feels and overwhelming numbness and sadness.

Mom knows there are many people who feel this way and that they often alone and go un-noticed, she knows there are many who would gladly swap places with her in an instant and that tonight and for many nights to come there will be people with no-one, sleeping under an over pass or anywhere they can find out of the wind and cold. She thinks of the people who lost everything in the recent storms, the families that lost there beloved and precious children and this morning the firefighters who lost their lives from yet another gunman who shot them as they went to help put out a house fire. Mom thinks about all those who are sick, those who will die tomorrow on the roads, in hospital or for what ever reason.  Mom thinks way to much on everything sometimes .....and it makes her heart sad.

So this Christmas we ask that you spend a few minutes during Christmas day and REALLY give thanks for all you have, the loved ones around you, the roof over your head, the food on your table and to remember a simple message - "there but for the grace of God - go I".

Merry Christmas to all the furbabies and their folks and please give each other extra special hugs and cuddles ..........not just tomorrow but everyday.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Mom Update

A few weeks ago Mom went to have a a Barium Test to see if they could find what is causing her to be nauseous all the time - it found she had some 'webbing' in the esophagus and they weren't sure what it was so today she had to go have a scope with a little camera on it put down her throat and stomach. The webbing turned out to be just a bit of scar tissue but what they did find was 4 ulcers. 3 of them are small and there is one larger one that is bleeding. The doctor has given her some special medicine that she has to take four times a day and he hopes that will help with the ulcers and also the nausea.

He did talk her about not getting stressed, watching what she eats and to getting plenty of exercise - we can definitely help with the exercise and the eating part (we will happily eat what she can't!)  but the Mom isn't sure about the stress thing as she is not at all a stressy type person - in fact one of her lectures told her once if she didn't see Mom blink occasionally she would think she is was a mannequin - that how calm and quiet she is. We did make sure Mom got some exercise the other day when we took her to the park - can you believe she said it made her sad because it is all bleak looking!!!!!  Oh Mom - if only you could smell all the wonderful smells you wouldn't think it was bleak at all.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dweeb-Cousin has his own blog

You may remember some weeks back I mentioned we have a new Dweeb in our family - thankfully NOT living with us. I guess you could ...and come to think of it I WILL - call him "The Dweeb-Cousin" Max has been adopted and is now living in Wisconsin with his two Moms. Of coarse he just had to have a blog like mine.....what a copy cat Dweeb-Cousin is. He doesn't have any followers yet so if you can call on by and welcome him to dogville it would be much appreciated.

Now his Mom Tara - she is helping him with his blog as he can't blog by himself (unlike ME) and he hasn't got the side bar thingy to let people follow him yet - but I sent her a message and hopefully she will have that added in today. (Note - she has added it in now)

Do you think Dweeb-Cousin is getting spoiled - check out the size of that bone!  We hear he is also having a pawsome time playing in the snow at the moment - send some our way Dweeb-Cousin!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What to do with all those Christmas Cards?

We were going to keep this until after Christmas but of coarse LOTS of Christmas stuff (stickers, paper etc are on sale now  - so we figured it would be good to give everyone their shopping list so they get started on it.

Now many of you joined in Jazzi's pawsome Christmas card swap this year (Thanks Jazzi's Mom for all the hard work she did on that) - but what to do with all those cards after Christmas is the question?  Well here is a simple idea that will let you use them to make a special Christmas Photo Book out of them.

What you will need

All your old Christmas cards
Some Christmas stickers if you have some - but you can print them for free online too. All the craft stores have them on sale now and you can get them at Walmart too.
Some Christmas printable pages - like a Letter to Santa, some puzzles etc  (just search "free Christmas printables" on google images - there are gazillions of them.
Some bits of old Christmas wrapping paper to make the blank pages look pretty
A hole punch - what ever kind you have will work
Some Binder rings - you can get these at any office supply shop or walmart
Some glue and sticky tape
Some ribbon cut in 6" lengths - it is optional - I just think it makes the rings look pretty
Some scissors
1 piece of heavy cardboard to make the back of the book. What I did was made it the same size as the BIGGEST card I had - which I used as the front cover.
Photos you have collected over the last year

How to
1.Start at the back of the book with the sheet of cardboard. Punch 3 or 4 holes in it for the binder rings depending how many you want to use.
2.Pop the open rings in place and use these as a guide for the holes you punch in the cards
3.Stagger the cards from top to bottom as you keep adding adding them
4.Add in some blank pages or some printables you have found
5.Use the biggest card you have as the front cover.
6.Close the rings and then start decorating and adding your photos.
7.Add some ribbon to the ring binders and you are done.

Here is an example of the one we made from last years cards. I made the entire thing yesterday afternoon so it doesn't take long to put one together.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We just wanted to say a BIG thank you to all the wonderful furbies (and their assistants) who sent us all these wonderful cards. We have read each and everyone and given them a good sniffing too. So far our tally is 80 to us a 2 for Mom an Dad. 

Mom will have a really easy little project for everyone after Christmas - a way to use and keep all your cards in a clever way. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Musing On Monday #1

Now some of my newer followers may not know what an educated dog I am - Reilly Cowspotdog Ph.D (Perfectly Hairy Dog) or Professor of Dog as I prefer to be called.

Now like many Moms my Mom has been quite upset and struggled to make any sense of  the events of last week when all the children and teachers left this world at the hand of a disturbed young man.

And although what I told mom doesn't lessen the impact of the day or the tragedy that day will forever be for all those involved - it did help her put it in perspective.  After A LOT of research this is what I found out. (Please note the figures vary greatly from site to site but being an educated dog I stuck to the government sites where we "HOPE" the information in more likely to be correct. So here goes.......

1,500 people a day (of all ages)  die from cancer - just in the USA
110 people a day (of all ages) die in car accidents - just in the USA
1,200 die from smoking and smoking related diseases a day - just in the USA
2,200 people a day die from heart attacks/strokes and heart related diseases - Just in the USA
27 people a day (of all ages) die from gun shots - Just in the USA

The are many more such statistics that cover all kinds of diseases, accidents and violence - but they usually occur as a single occurrence with only family and close friends to grieve - mention of them in the media is very rarely given unless they are famous. So this Christmas I think we should all take the time to remember ALL those who will not share Christmas with us this year - the everyday people, the moms, dads, kids, grandparents, other relatives and friends. Whether it is a senseless mass killing or a single unknown statistic - they ALL deserve our thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My turn - my turn

It's my turn today to wear the silly hat but you know what - I don't mind at all because it was also my turn to get a package from Addi in the Christmas Gift Exchange. 

I was getting a bit worried cause I didn't have a present and Weilly said it was because I am such a bad boy and that I was on Santa Paws naughty list. But he was WRONG because now I do have a pressie under the tree and I am NOT a naughty boy.

Mom told us about the little boys and girls that crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday - words can not express adequately how sad we ALL feel but our thoughts and prayers go to everyone involved.

Friday, December 14, 2012

You've got to be dogging?

Do I even remotely look like I am enjoying wearing this STUPID hat - BAH HUMBUG to the Christmas spirit - well maybe a little Jack Daniels Eggnog would be okay! And what gives with that fat little dude in the scarf and hat - don't know what he is smiling for - he looks just as stupid in that hat of his.

Really - I am thinking we all need to get together and put our paws down - no more wearing silly hats, or costumes or anything that makes us look undogified! We are canine domesticus - hear us bark!!!! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

We are starting to feel some Christmas spirit - but not sure about this whole hat thing!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Porky Dorky

Dweeb #2 has been having some wheezing and snoring problems of late so his Mom took him off the vets for a check up. 

Seems Dweebs biggest problem is his weight - he's 17 pounds of Porky Dorky and now is on a STRICT diet.

Of coarse...... I just couldn't resist giving the Dweeb a new name - so let me introduce you all to PORKY DORKY.

gawoof gawoof gawoof!!!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

What gives?

 I am stepping on my soapbox once again.

Word verification sucks!!!  And the new word verification sucks even more! If you can read the numbers on the first one - good for you and your guess is as good as mine if that is a 'u' or a 'v' on the second one. For people with dyslexia this "prove you are not a robot" makes life annoying to say the least. On average I have to click though 4-5 different ones before I can find one I can read and even then I rarely get it right. As much as I hate to admit it - I don't visit peeps with word verification turned on as much - simply because it drives me crazy!

And really - there is no need for this word verification - you can just changes your settings to "comment moderation - ALWAYS".  That way you can see the posts BEFORE they are posted - delete the ones you don't like and post the ones you do. Blogger does an awesome job of filtering out spam automatically for you and I am lucky if I get 1 a week that slips through.

Here is what I have my setting done like......Okay stepping down off my soapbox now - but feel free to share this info with others :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Look who's smirkin now!

So I saw the smallest Dweeb or "IT" as I still prefer to call him got his present first and was pretty chuffed about it. But look who got the BIGGEST present today!!!!!! Moi, me the BIG DOG gets the BIG present! All is not well though as "SHE WHO IS MEAN" as I will be calling her now - otherwise previously known as Mom - will NOT I repeat will NOT let me open my present until Christmas!!!! I am pretty sure I am starting to see some green Grinch coloring to her skin. Oh I nearly forgot - a BIG thank you to Ranger for my present - he is my pawsome little Christmas swap buddy.

Maybe it is Mom sickies making her that color though - she is off to the hospital tomorrow to have a barium scan done to see if they can figure out what is making her nauseous all the time and why she can't eat. Some power of the paw might help her if you have a bit to spare.

Rainy Day

It did nothing but rain, RAIN and RAIN yesterday and what better thing to do then have a good game of tug - sssshhhhh don't tell anyone Mom was doing this - she isn't supposed to play tug with us.

Note from Jackie - My Santa buddy Wallace (a cuter then cute Scottie dog) got his Christmas box from me - you can check him out opening it and maybe become a buddy of his too

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The great toy rescue

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - you can't wash my toys! I know they are all smelly and dirty from being outside but it has taken weeks for us to get that nice ode-cologne pong on them. Don't worry toys I will rescue you from the washing machine!!!!

Okay I am diving in to save you!

Oh wait - "other-mommy" might turn it on with me in it - yikes I am getting outta of here!!!!!

Note from "other-mommy" - I was showing Jackie I had put his toys in the washing machine and he jumped right out of my arms and into the machine to try and grab them - he is such a silly boy!

For those who don't know why I am called "other-mommy" - Jackson is my step daughters dog (they both live with us) so she is his real Mom and I am his 'other-mommy' because I didn't want to be called his grandma!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh My GOSH - A present for Jackie!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it - ME Jackie got a present today from Porter & Wallace. Thank you thank you guys - you are the best! I can tell not tell you how excited I am and how CHUFFED I am because I got mine before the BIG DOG!  Ha ha - Jackie 1 - BIG dog 0.

I wasn't to sure what it was to begin with so I did my "sneak up to carefully and check it out" walk.  It smelt different and trust me - I sniffed it ALL over, but I figured eventually it was okay and that 'other-mommy' could open it - ONLY she didn't!!!!!

She says I have to wait until Christmas - can you believe that!!!!!! Doesn't she know dog years are so much longer and that means we have holidays much more often - in fact I am sure today is one of our doggie Christmases. Personally I have many such Christmas days throughout the year:)  I even gave her my "big sad eyes" look but to no avail. Hoomans can be so stubborn sometimes.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Munchie Monday

Time for our weekly bone and for today's tempting tasties we have some big old beef bones.  Of coarse - me being the BIG dog and pack leader - I got the BIGGEST one.  Dweeb 2 got the medium sized bone and Dweeb 1 got the smallest. Personally I don't think Dweebs deserve bones but I guess if it keeps them away from me and my bone I will reluctantly allow it.

You know - we heard that some doggies never get bones !!!!  Mom has always believed a bone is good for our teeth and  at 5 years old I don't have any plaque on my teeth and they are in excellent condition - so it must be working!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Flashy Fun

Mom is in her sun/crafty room painting and creating today so we are keeping her company. We have to watch she doesn't sit in one too long but why she had to get the flashy beast out we do not know - I mean to say if she needed a break she could of just of given us some treats or had a game of tug with us - better still she could of taken us for walkies!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


WHAT is this you say - Reilly PLAYING with a stick - NEVER! This stick of AWESOMENESS is no ORDINARY stick though - it is actually 3 feet of dried Venison !!!!  Yes - you heard it right - 3 foot of tasty little Santa's Reindeer - 3 foot of Bambi - 3 foot of YUM!

Not only that  we also got a 3 foot of Donald and Minnie, 3 foot of Daffy!!!! (duck).   Oh my dogness - do I start at this end or that?

Note from Mom - these cost $4 for the stick and you just snap off the size you want to give them - and NO - Reilly didn't get the whole stick !!! although he did try taking the whole thing out the doggie door.  Thankfully I grabbed it just as he turned it sideways - he is very clever at figuring such things out :)  Oh - we got these at our local pet store Hollywood Feed - I will check out what brand they are and let everyone know tomorrow. They are all natural too - no icky stuff - just dried meat.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The smallest Cowspotdog!!!

No more can I just be called a Dweeb - today I became the Smallest Cowspotdog member thanks to "other-mommy".  Look at my stylin new coat - it has COWSPOTS on it - how super cute is that!!!!

Don't you think I look just like Reilly and Denny now?   [Reilly - not a hope dweeb - you are and always will be a DWEEB and your spots will come off - ours don't!]

The other side has little paw prints on it - but I am going to keep my spots showing no matter what that BIG dog says!!!

Reilly says he is going to buy me a coat for Christmas - he says it is an invisible coat and when I put it on I will disappear.  But if I disappear no-one will be able to see me.  [Reilly - yep that is the idea DWEEB - we won't have to see all your yucky cuteness anymore]

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big Stinky Dog Contest

Okay furries - buddy Mason is a bit disappointed he hasn't had any entries for his competition and he is giving away cool prizes. So get those peeps off their butts and enter.  It is easy - here is the link to his contest  

*Yo doggehz and Kittehz*
Have you heard of dog shaming? Well why sha'll we be shamed?! I say we need to send those humans of ours a reminder that we are excellent! So instead of 'dog shaming' lets do some 'dog faming'!
So here is how it is gonna work my furends:

  • You take a photo wherever and with whomever (if you so chose to let someone else in the photo) you want. 
  • Have your pawrent write a sign about ONE good thing you (or more than one of you together) did in your day, week, month, year, lifetime! 
  • Email it to Mason's mommy at organism18(@)gmail(.)com
  • leave out the parenthesis when you email 
  • This will only be open until December 1st of 2012
 Here is my entry - Today I kept my ego in check! 

On their way

Hi fellow furbies that we are doing the Christmas gift exchange with - (Cinnamon, Mason and Wallace) we just wanted to let you know that your gift boxes are on their way. (we have sent emails to let you know too)

We saw on the news last night that there are mean people around stealing mail deliveries so please keep those doggie senses tingling for when the mail person arrives. (Chuckles - we think anyone who steals these boxes would be in for a surprise because we are sure it would not be what they are expecting !!!)