Monday, December 24, 2012

Musing on Monday #2

This morning something very strange happened - all the Christmas cards and decorations were gone - put away. We asked Mom if it was because we were naughty - she smiled sadly - big tears in her eyes and said NO - that we are one of the few good things this Christmas.

Mom sat on the floor with us giving us big hugs cuddles and said that even though this is a time of joy and happiness, love and what should be peace on earth - there is a huge section of the population around the world that do not feel way and there is also a small section of people who find it to be one of the most painful and depressing times of the year - and that is what my Mom is feeling.

Mom knows there is no reason she should feel this way and that she is incredibly lucky for she has a home, food in the cupboards, the bills are paid and she has warm clothes to wear. She knows Dad and us boys love her beyond words and that we would do anything to make her happy...but sadly at this time of year she just feels and overwhelming numbness and sadness.

Mom knows there are many people who feel this way and that they often alone and go un-noticed, she knows there are many who would gladly swap places with her in an instant and that tonight and for many nights to come there will be people with no-one, sleeping under an over pass or anywhere they can find out of the wind and cold. She thinks of the people who lost everything in the recent storms, the families that lost there beloved and precious children and this morning the firefighters who lost their lives from yet another gunman who shot them as they went to help put out a house fire. Mom thinks about all those who are sick, those who will die tomorrow on the roads, in hospital or for what ever reason.  Mom thinks way to much on everything sometimes .....and it makes her heart sad.

So this Christmas we ask that you spend a few minutes during Christmas day and REALLY give thanks for all you have, the loved ones around you, the roof over your head, the food on your table and to remember a simple message - "there but for the grace of God - go I".

Merry Christmas to all the furbabies and their folks and please give each other extra special hugs and cuddles ..........not just tomorrow but everyday.

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  1. Hope you're feeling better Mom! We'll be in a new year soon and spring is on the way...I promise!


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