Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Thank You

Merry Christmas Every Furbaby and their Mom and Dads.

I got to open my present from Ranger this morning and dog oh dog am I one spoiled and happy boy. Me - I really loved the treats but Mom - she LOVED that Ranger's Mom had made me my own special place mat for my food dishes. We can not thank Ranger and his Mom enough for making my Christmas special.

Denny also got his present from Addie and as you will see he was being a bit of a scardy cat as we opened his presents. He is such a Dweeb!!!!  He really did love them all - once he got to use to them and we LOVED the special mat Addie's Mom made for Denny too. Thank you both Ranger and Addie for making our Christmas special. (Other Dweeb - Jackson - is off in Tennessee with his mom so no video of him)


  1. Awesome prezzi, Reilly! We can't believe Ranger found allergy-free treats for you! What a great friend - and we LOVE your placemat!!

    We're also sending some special kisses with this comment to your mom to help her feel better! Have a wonderful day!

    -Bart and Ruby

  2. Pawsome present.

    Have a Merry Essexmas

    Essex & Sherman

  3. Have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas to you all.
    Best wishes Molly, Pippin & the Peeps

  4. Such sweet gifts for the boys!

    Oh Denny, you should get a job at Homeland Security, like Oreo. Can never be too cautious around suspicious packages.

  5. How cool is that, you each got your own presents! Reilly was right there, and Denny? Well...you've got to trust your Mom there Denny...she's not going to give you anything that will EXPLODE! :) Glad you got used to the news toys...you have the best friends! Katie sends kisses to you all.

  6. Merry xmas Reilly and Denny and the other Dweeb!
    Denny, get over it, it's just paper and toys that people have been nice enough to give to you!

    P.S I got my own Christmas hat!

  7. Loved the videos even though Denny is a bit camera shy. Loved the placemats too. Mommy says Reilly's placemat is to pretty to eat off of.

  8. Denny, what is going on? I think the only solution is for you to get presents every single day so you learn not to be so scared.


  9. Hi Denny & Reilly, it's okay buddy. My sheltie brother Jetta is a little skittish too. But my sheltie sister, well let's just say that she's a confident little girl. Maybe you're a little like the lion in the Wizard of Oz.

  10. Both of you got awesome gifts! Reilly, you are so calm! Mom wants to know if you can come over here and some of your calmness will rub off on us!
    And Denny, fun toys aren't scarey, buddy - they're fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Wow, you guys have got so many wonderful presents!

    We hope your mom is feeling better too!

  12. :) we are so happy they had fun. Hope you are feeling better!


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