Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday morning walkies

Wow, am I lucky! Mom had to drop some prescriptions off at the pharmacy and we had two hours to wait so we went for a double walk this morning - even though it was rather wet and overcast. First we went down to the river and with all the rain we have been having the last couple of day the Missouri is very high and flowing soooo fast. Of coarse mom had to take that camera and as much as I tried giving her "the butt" she kept making me sit and pose for 'good' pictures. My tongue doesn't hang out much like Martha and Bailey's do, so I can't use that technique to ruin the pictures....but I usually turn around just at the last second so mom gets only pictures of my butt! Anyway, here I am at the start of the park and then off we went. We also stopped by to look at the memory wall. All the tiles on this wall were done by Grade 3 puppies and they depict the travels of Lewis and Clarke. Some of the pictures are very funny - especially the ones of their Newfoundland dog. Of coarse after such a long walk I had to have a sit on a bench and rest and just enjoy the view (the ground was too wet)

After we got back to the car, I had a nice long drink and then mom looked at the clock and said we still had some time to wait, so she decided to drive out to the lake. It was very pretty with a soft mist hanging over it - not that I noticed of coarse, I was to busy checking out all the great smells. Okay, I did stop to enjoy for a little while, only because mom sat down on a bench and refused to move!!! Why do mom's and dad's like to stare out at the view like that? You would think they would enjoy the smells like I do....but I guess it's hard for them as their noses are so far away from the ground. I have had a great Sunday so far and I hope you all do too.



  1. Hi Reilly, very well done for trying to ruin the pics!
    Unfortunately you were still looking lovely. We loved the ones of you looking out at the view - yes our humans like to sit and look at views too.
    We have never seen them sniff anything!
    That memory wall was pawesome.
    We are glad you had a double walk today.
    We went for our usual walk and got soaked and muddy - thankfully there was no camera!!
    Martha & bailey xxx

  2. How lucky to get a double walk on your journey out for the day. I too would have rested on the bench. =)

  3. Glad to see you and your mom got out today even if the weather wasn't perfect. And how nice of you to let your mom get some good photos of you, Reilly!

  4. Sounds like you had a pawsome Sunday.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. What a great Sunday you had Reilly! TWO walks! And such nice ones at that! Katie, unlike you, LOVES to get her picture taken. I guess that's the princess in her. But she also loves to sniff. Guess that's the dog in her.

    Glad you had a fun day even though it was rainy! Hope your Mom is feeling better!

  6. Double walks is super cool! I don't get many walks, the Mum says I do enough agilities stuffs and other stuffs but I like walkies because I can smell all the pee mail.


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