Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boring week

It has been a long and boring week. The temperatures have been hovering in the 40's all week and mom hasn't felt like taking me out for walkies in the cold because her arth-e-ri-tus has been bothering her. We do go to the pet store every other day and I have a good wander and sniff around but it's not the same as a walk in the park. And then to make matters worse my dad gave me a bath today! I was just getting a nice doggie Au De Pong going too. Then of coarse mom wanted to take a photo of me with my nice clean fluffy coat. Here you can see me saying "no no no I will not look at the camera" then mom said "want to visit Franklin" and that sort of peaked my interest, then she said "want to go for a WALK" and you can see how closely I was listening to that!!! And we did go to visit Franklin and we did go for a walk - so I guess the bath wasn't so bad. Now I am hiding out with mom in her craft room because Dad is watching the foozeball and he yells at the TV when he watches foozeball. Oh - do you notice no snow!!! It all melted away the next day.



  1. We are bored too. It has been raining for 3 or 4 days, maybe 5 - we can't even remember any more. mom says the best snow is the kind that comes and then goes. Hey, at least we are not so hot we can't stand it right?
    Morgan and Maisie

  2. Oh Reilly, we so hate baths too and humans never appreciate the work we dogs put in to getting just the right scent!
    Just when you are almost there they insist on washing you.
    Your pictures did look adorable though so maybe it was worth it.
    We loved the bottom right - great expression!
    We are glad you and Franklin got to go for a walk.
    We are sorry about your mom's arth-e-ri-tus and hope it eases up cos it is no fun!
    We wish you could come for a walk with us - wouldn't that be cool!
    Martha & bailey xxxx

  3. Sorry you have had such a boring week, Reilly! You're really cute in the photo where your mom mentions going for a walk!

  4. "Go for walk?" is one of Katie's favorite questions. Right behind "Want a treat?" LOL! She does the same little head tilt too! So sorry your mom's arth-e-ri-tus is acting up again. Cold weather isn't very good for that, even though you like it better. Hope things are better for you next week! Glad the snow is GONE!

  5. You're looking VERY handsome all clean and brushed out, Reilly! We're so sorry to hear that your snow is all gone! Ours kinda just fell from the sky and we got no accumulation at all. booooooooooooooooooo

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. PS: You look so good that I think Katie needs a bath. I didn't realize how bad she was until I saw you all shiny and clean! Don't tell Katie though. She knows the word "bath" and it is NOT her favorite word!

  7. I was bored then the Mum took me to chase sheep! I put up the video of it on my blog. It was so fun!


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