Friday, August 1, 2008

Tooooooo Hot

With the temps in the middle 90's this week and even for the next few days, it's just tot hot for a fuzzball like me to be out. Unlike my buddy Ricky......I don't enjoy playing in the sprinklers so I can't get cool outside. All that water is too much like having a bath!!!! Instead I take mom to cool air conditioned places and today it was Petco. We don't like it as much as PetSmart but it's closer. For some reason the humans at Petco are not very friendly and I hardly ever get pats or treats. When I go to PetSmart though, they all know my name and I get lots of attention and pats from everyone. Boy do I have them trained there....treat at the checkout, treat at the vet, treat at the groomers and another treat on the way out!!!! Anyway, back to Petco, they had the Cesar Milan products on display. For some reason mom just stood there shaking her head and mumbling something about $2.80 for a 2 pint bottle of water. Yes, the dog whisper has his own brand of bottled water for dogs. Me, I like my tap water. We had a bit of a wander around and I said hello to the ferrets (they sure are smelly) and a cockatiel and then I picked out a nice treat from the shelf while mom wasn't looking. (How smart of them to put them on a low shelf so I could help myself!!!) Of coarse by time she noticed I had slobbered all over it so she had to buy it....luckily it was 49 cents!!! She made me carry it out to the car myself which was okay because it did taste good. Then we came home and it was so nice and cool and I guess this is basically where we will stay. I am really starting to hope winter comes soon....I sure do like that white stuff that covers the ground.


  1. Hey Reilly - too bad you don't like sprinklers or the water hose! At least you have the air conditioning vent! Mom won't run our a/c unless it gets super hot so I have to make due with the hose. I like pet stores too - all of the smells are so delicious!

  2. Being an Aussie a growing up in a desert region my mom loves the heat but she is use to dry heat and doesn't like humidity. Dad on the other hand he likes it cold and anything above 75 is tooooooo hot for him! I must admit, I like it cold too and last winter when I was just a pupster, mom was always worrying that if I was out to long I would get frost bite on my toes. I am not sure what that is but I dure do like being outside when it's cold!!!!

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  4. Hi Reilly, check out our blog, we've got something nice and sparkling for you at our blog :)

  5. Wow, your Mom would hate it here in Key West. Hot and humid is the weather word of the decade. One of Dad's friends brought their kids over today. We like kids. We met another Sheltie at the dog park named Rox. He was fun.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon


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