Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Favorite Place

It was such a beautiful morning, cool with just a nice gently breeze and I felt like a spring lamb bouncing around. Finally mom said okay, let's go to the lake. I knew if I pestered her enough she would give in :) And best of all Dad came too!!! So we got in my car which I let mom drive and off we went. Mom has a blanket on the back seat that is the same color as the car but at the moment it more Reilly color because I am shedding my puppy coat at last!!!! I was just so excited. I love it when my dad comes with us, although he does walk a lot faster than my mom does. Mom drove around to the "island" today, it's an area in the lake where they built a little island connected by a path. Mom spent most of her life living near the ocean (I don't really know what that is, she said it's like a lake but the water is salty and smells very good). She misses the ocean thing a lot and the lake is her favorite place because it remind her a little of that ocean thing. She also loves all the trees and the green around the too!!!! It is so full of interesting smells. Mom and dad thought it was funny when I picked up the scent of something in the grass and followed it around and around. Mom said she hoped it wasn't a skunk!! I don't know what one of those is either, but mom says they smell like the worse thing imaginable, so I guess they smell like doggie shampoo because that is the worse thing I have ever smelt !!!! It's odd though, mom thinks the doggie shampoo smells mom is obviously weird when it comes to smells. When we got to the end of the island I laid down on the cool sand near the edge of the water. Dad was worried I might go in it and get all wet ...HA HA don't know the Reilly that well!!!! Reilly doesn't do wet water!!!! Mom liked watching all the baby fish in the lake and said it is a very healthy lake as there are lots of fish and there is no algae blooms the water. I wish I knew what all these things are that mom talks about ..... but I am still only a pupster and I just know it is a great place for a long walk and I love it there.

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  1. Reilly, you are just SO photogenic! You have inspired me to take Katie to a park near a big lake tomorrow. We tried a small park this evening, but she was pretty bored. I know she will like a long walk as well with new smells galore.


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