Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay, am I growling, snarling and being a big bad dog that scares all who come near? Okay stop snickering everyone......... I admit it, I was actually just licking my lips after having a nice chomp on a marrow bone mom got me today. But you have to admit I do look a little ferocious. And you also have to admit, I have some nice white teeth there too!!!!! Mom says chomping on a marrow bone is really good for my teeth and helps keep them clean. Me, I just like the oh dog, they are good. Mom didn't even know she had got this photo until she loaded them on the computer for me, then she laughed! Hmmm moms can be silly sometimes, but she made me feel better when she said I looked ferocious. And she got this other camera thing out yesterday and put it on to charge (what ever that means). She said it's a video camera and that we are going to take some video when we go to the lake tomorrow. Yippeeeeee, we are going to the lake....we are going to the lake!!!!!!


  1. Wow, you sure do look mean. We think you could scare a cat out of its fur.

    Essex & Deacon

  2. Hmmm don't mention cats!!! There is one that comes and sits by my fence and even though I bark like crazy at it, it just sits there looking at me......if that fence wasn't there though !!!!!!!!

  3. Funny photo - you don't look mean to me! Wish I had teeth as white as your's. Have fun at the lake! I just came back from my first-ever camping trip! I'll blog about it later!

  4. i want a marrow bone! What is a marrow bone? We need new bones 'cause Lucy can't eat bones anymore she can't swallow right. So the Mum is looking for something else she can work at but not swallow.

    And that is a cute picture of you and all your nice white teeth!


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