Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tips

As many of you are aware - our dear old Google Reader had disappeared into the blogis-sphere.... never to be seen again. Did you know over 800,000 people signed a petition to keep it - guess they needed 800,001  though - sigh.

Now there are a few replacements out there for it including Feedly and Bloglovin. We have been trying both for the last couple of months and are leaning to bloglovin as our replacement. It works well on the Ipad and the Computer.

BUT - we have found the occasional quirky thing with it. So we thought we would share what to do if you encounter this.  Now for some reason these tend occur only on certain blogs - one for us being Frankie and Ernie Furters page - (you guys just have to be different don't you psssss - hope you don't mind us using your pics as our example). When we go to leave a comment on their page ....Bloglovin  goes blank and doesn't load their page - so how do you overcome this?

It is actually quite easy. As the page tries to load you will see the Bloglovin tool bar on the top - simply click on the "X" in the corner to close the Bloglovin frame - then the page will load properly. We have found 3 blogs this happens with but as we say - it is an easy fix.

Next - for those of you who have the PitaPata Tickers on your blogs - have you checked them lately? We noticed ours had stopped working - it was simply a matter of recopying the code  and they show the correct count again.

Oh look - some doggy is having a birthday in a few days ...hint hint hint !!! Actually we will celebrating both our birthdays because SOME Mom FORGOT the Dweebs birthday - she is trying to blame it on Pita Patter not working and therefore not reminding her - but we know it is really old age and an even older memory. BAD MOM ..... BAD MOM!


  1. Yep, I noticed that with Bloglovin' too but you are right, it is easy-peasy to fix! Oooh, I cannot wait for more birthday celebrations!

  2. Lucky we have none of those problems but good fix tips for those that do. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi Denny and Reilly,

    We had the same problem this morning leaving a comment on Ernies and Frankie's blog. We didn't know how to fix it. Bloglovin is even asking us to sign with our facebook name. That's some crazy poo poo.

    Happy Birthday to the Dweeb.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom too.

    Thanks for the fix it info for leaving comments we are going to try it hope it works for us too.

    xo Cinnamon and Linda

  4. FURST... we are HONORED that you used us to demonstrate how to FIX the Problem.

    Next.. we are sorry that we were a pain under your tails...

    Third... THANK YOU fur telling folks how to get the thingy FIXED.. Just one more example of how we of Blogville STICK together and have everybuddy's back. YOU are the BESTEST fur doing that.

  5. I tried out both Feedly and Bloglovin' too and settled on Bloglovin'...the layout just works better for me...it seems clearer and managing blogs is simple...I found a couple of glitches...In settings you have the ability to remove the bloglovin' frame for good and it won't bother you again...On Frankie's blog I found if I right click on 'Post a Comment' I can open the comment box in a separate tab

    Will there be some special barkday surprises coming for somedoggy...and somedoggy's brofur?

  6. Mama went simple, she's using The Old Reader. It isn't quite as easy as Google Reader, but it does the job.

  7. I keep seeing that Google reading is not working any more,we seem to be getting everyones post, and we don't remember switching to bloglvin! did we miss something?

    The Mad scots

  8. I've been using feedly. Its ok, but it'll take some getting used to. I find out works better on my phone than google reader did, so that's a plus, since i read a lot of blogs while on the go.

  9. I wonder why that happens. The google reader thing didn't effect wordpress thank goodness. Or if it did, I can't tell! July has a lot of birthdays!!

  10. I will try this bloglovin thingy too - hope we can manage it :o) have a great tuesday

  11. WAit. I don't even know what google reader did? Or why I'd use it? Or anything! And Happy Birthday Mr. R!

  12. We just use Blogger dashboard. Works fur us!

  13. We never heard of Bloglovin' we are bloggers - sorry it is being a pain for you. Hope it sorts out soon.

  14. No worries over here so far
    Benny & Lily

  15. It's hard to keep up with all the new inter nets stuffs!
    What is this about a birthday doggy? Do I smell cake?


  16. We are using Feedly and it's working out okay.

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  17. I noticed I'm still getting the feeds in my Blogger dashboard. Was that different from Google reader?

    What I am starting to have trouble with is my decision not to go to Google + in that I can't leave comments on some blogs that require it.

  18. We are doing Bloglovin too, abandoned MailChip. Mom keeps deleting the code though and has to start over.
    My giveaway starts tomorrow some great birthday presents there! http://www.dollythedoxie.com/hills-fabulous-giveaway/

  19. I subscribe to blogs via email and BlogLovin and all are working fine.
    Stay tuned, I was at a Google Seminar at BlogPaws and rest assured a new reader is on its way.
    She said that Google would never get rid of something without supplying something else.
    Barks and licks and love,


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