Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where is the World is Reilly?

Okay, so the mom still isn't feeling to good what with that flu thing and it has been very very cold here and I have been very very bored, so I decided I would go off and see this thing mom calls "the big wide world" and figured mom needed a vacation too.

Here are some of adventures so far - can you guess where I am? (I made these ones pretty easy because I know not many of you are world travelers like me and might not recognize them - but you can ask your moms and dads :) The places I went after these are much harder to guess. PS - If you are wondering how I got to all these places - well don't tell anyone but I have a teleportation device on my collar that can take me any where I want to go - my mom made it by accident while she messing with an electronic kit - actually she made two, she comes along to keep me safe and takes the photos :)

Yay for Ludo....clever little chap, he guessed them all - next ones won't be so easy.


  1. Oh Reilly, we're so jealous now!!! What a well-traveled dog you are!!! We want one of these devices!!!! The Mom will have to show you Australia one day :)

  2. Wooooowwww!! Them's some adventures! Mum has helped me with some, she say is it Sidney, Rome? Paris and hmm, switzerland? That one just a guess. I need me one of them transportation devices. I hopes your mum feels all better soon.
    ~lickies, Ludo
    peeess, I think I has turned off word verification now, thank you for saying that settings word. I has never had a look in that part afore.

  3. How wonderful Reilly! What a great trip, four countries in four minutes! But the packing and unpacking must have been killer! Hope you didn't wear your Mom out too much and that she feels better real soon!

  4. Hope your mom is feeling better soon, Reilly, so that she can go with you on your travels around the world!


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