Friday, January 30, 2009

The Dove Tenants

I was over on OORVI's blog reading about her latest search for new tenants for the garden and I must saw I totally understand her frustration with the sparrows.

We have a somewhat similar situation with the doves. We happily took in a pair last winter when we had lots of snow, they took up residence in the tree near our back door and they do guard duty by sitting on our fence and watching the world for me when I am not outside.

Now of coarse we expected that they might have some young ones and we didn’t mind that at all. What we didn’t expect was that every aunt, uncle, brothers, sisters, grandparents etc would come to visit and then STAY. They now all line up in a row along MY fence waiting to check out Mr and Mrs Doves new home and family and I must say we have been hearing quite a lot of squabbling going on lately. I think some of the extended family want to move in but it’s only a small home so there isn’t enough room.

So of coarse, I had to put a stop to this and I am now on fence patrol. When the extended family descends I go outside and sit quietly watching them. I pretend to be sniffing at something as I inch closer ....pretending that I don't really see them and then when they are are relaxed at me being so close............. I suddenly lunge and bark bark bark wildly at them. Of coarse there is a BIG commotion of flapping wings and cooing noises and many of them will try landing on the fence on the other side of the yard....but I just race across there and bark all the more until they finally leave. The things we do for our tenants!!!


  1. Katie has been having fits about the birds at the feeder this morning as well. The good news is that after 3 hours of barking at them she has worn herself out and now is asleep at my feet. I'm worn out as well! Silly girl.

  2. My sister Jessie chases birds... I prefer cats :)


  3. Sounds like you would make a excellent fence patrol dog. By us you would have to get permission from Essex, because she is the Secretary of Da-Fence. Though you might get in trouble cause Essex don't like sharing her fence.


  4. Good for you looking out for them. We gets lots of seagulls here but they is too big to mess with. Auntie Penny can do it though.
    ~lickies, Ludo


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