Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Dog Mom and Dad

Tater Tot as I like to call her (Tatum Tot) asked about the colors of the my sister. I thought it would be easier you show you my dog mom and dad. This is my mom Bailey and she is a normal sable color. Can you see me under the date....I was just a couple of days old then. (Oh, the date showing is incorrect - Bergetta who is my dog mom and dad human mom....didn't know how to change it) My dog mom Bailey was very attentive and a very good dog mom. But here is something you probably don't have me and my brother and sisters poor Bailey has to be artificially inseminated as for some reason she doesn't attract dad dogs when she is in season. And the next picture is of my dad dog Hunter. You can see what a handsome fellow he is and his coat color is called mahogany. He has a super duper thick coat and this photo of him is when he had just been to the dog coat stealer's (groomers). This was Bailey and Hunter's second litter. There was one before mine and there was one white brother in that litter. My poor mom was very disappointed over Christmas as she has been waiting for Bailey and Hunter to have their last litter of puppies because she wants to get me a brother or sister. Bailey came into season in October but her mom decided not to breed there was no Christmas puppy for us. So there is a bit more of my history, my mom was very lucky, she has photos of me right from the time I was born and every week since and photos of my dog mom and dad and being registered with the AKC we can see 5 generation back. Mom says many of us USA pups probably share relatives somewhere in our past.


  1. Ooo your Dog Mom and Dog Dad are super pretty! I see the Mahogany sable and that is very pretty, too. The Mum says collie and sheltie colors are way confusing to understand how to get each color when a Mom and a Dad have babies, so she just loves them all! I love to play with them all! You were such a teeny tiny baby!

  2. I noticed the markings on your side in this baby picture look like Micky Mouse (to me) and then I noticed in the third picture from the left at the top of your blog that your markings STILL look like Mikey Mouse! :) Your dog parents are beautiful! Yes your human mom is very lucky to have pictures of you from the beginning!

  3. Your dog dad is a handsome fellow! We think you have your father's nose!

  4. You are very lucky to have those super young photos. Dog Dad doesn't have any of us.

    Hope you get a brudder or sister, that would be neat. Though having a nephew or niece is pretty neat too.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Cool photos - it's neat to have photos of your mom and dad. I have a great one of my dad but not one of my mom. My dad is a tri like me and my mom is a sable.

    Mom thinks mahogany sables are gorgeous!


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