Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cottage Cheese twist and turn

The mom and I braved the cold again this morning and headed off to the other pet store. She decided to get something that she thought would be fun for me to play with and that would be a challenge, so she bought this thing called the twister. The concept is that you fill it with treats (thank you to Josh and Jess for the cottage cheese suggestion) and then because of the shape of this thing.... as you try to get the treat out, it twists and turns. Now the package said ideal for Shelties - well obviously it had never been tested with a sheltie because it took me all of 10 seconds to realise that if I put my foot on it, it couldn't twist and turn and all that yummy cottage cheese was mine (note from mom - thank goodness he was on the slate floor with this - it would not of been pretty on the carpet!!!! although he did a good job cleaning up) Mom says she needs to find something more difficult to get out of it. Oh and a hint too....we found lots of Christmas goodies at the pet store marked down by 75%!!! She stocked up on lots of treats for me but said I have to make them last all the way until next christmas......and they expirey dates are not until 2011 so they should be just fine.

PS - mom also bought so organic carrot and apple cookies and they are like little round balls...she put those in my twist and turn and it is driving my crazy trying to get them out!!!!!!


  1. Haha, you really enjoyed the cottage cheese, didn't you? And you're clever too - putting your paw on it so that it can't twist!!! We haven't seen such a thing before but now we probably won't get one either, far too easy!! We Shelties are smart dogs, huh?

  2. BOL! Reilly, you is too clever for them toy making peeps. Sheltie power!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. Shelties are SOOOOO smart! I bought Katie a toy that was supposed to keep her occupied like that and it lasted about 10 seconds. Maybe all the shelties in the world should form a corporation and design really GOOD toys! Then they could support us from the profits!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun, Reilly, and really tasty too!

  5. Hmmm, we have a twist but can't find the treats to go in them here in Key West.

    Good job at figuring out how to get the treats.

    Essex & Deacon

  6. That looks like a fun toy and you are smart to get all the cottage cheese out quick! I would love to try it too!


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