Friday, January 9, 2009

Please mom

I decided to try and cheer the mom up last night. I bought her my 3rd to most favorite toy, my dirty old cowspot ball - mom says it's a soccer ball, but we know better because it has cowspots on it. I had taken it outside one day when we had rain and snow and it got all dirty and the mom was going to wash it, so of coarse I hid it. I figured it was well seasoned by now and worth playing with so I went and got it from it's hiding spot. Mom was amazed because she had looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it (he he he). I came in quietly to her work room and then just stood there with my very best - most sorrowful eyes look - that looks that say pllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaasssseeee play with me. (Hey Ludo - you need to practice this one on your mom - but you have to figure out a way to get her eyes open in the morning so she can see it!!!!). still didn't seem interested in playing so I kept inching forward and giving her 'the look' and when that didn't work, I jumped on her lap and then sat there, ball in mouth and sad eyes......and of coarse she couldn't resist so we had a nice play after that. But you just can't trust mom' soon as I went to get a drink or water, she grabbed the ball and put it in the washing machine. MOM MOM MOM....I barked "It took me ages to get it all dirty like that" but she didn't listen. Why is it moms like clean toys when we like them all dirty and seasoned....just like a fine old bone that has been buried for a few months. My poor clean cowspot ball is going round and round, thumpity thump in the dryer. Oh, I would like to say hi the Abby and Aiden, a very cute pair of pupsters......I bet they would have so much fun playing with Josh ans Jess.


  1. Reilly I is trying hard to learn that look, but it just not seem to work very well, I think I is too exciteable to sit and practice it, I did find a new way of waking mum up today. I lied down right on top of her head so she couldn't breathe. BOL!. I can't beellieeeve your mum has washed your ball! All that hard muddying work gone to waste!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. Hi Reilly! It's just not fair is it? We go through so much trouble getting our stuffies dirty and then our hoomans just take them off us and put them in the washing machine, arrgh! You'll have to find a better hiding place for your toys :) Thanks for pointing us to the new puppers on the blog... we'll go and check them out.
    Take care

    Josh and Jess

  3. Katie has practiced the sad eyes too. She is VERY good at it. I think she practices while I'm at work. And don't forget, winter is a long time, lots of time to get your cow spot ball perfect again!

  4. Cowspot dog is so fitting. We either don't have the eyes down or else Dad is invulnerable to the eyes. However a cold nose will wake him up quick.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Hi Reilly!
    I saw you on DWB and wanted to stop in and say hello! I'm glad your face worked on your mom. I tried the face on my owner girl the other day but I got NOTHING! So what if there was chocolate involved? I looked darn cute! Sorry your cow spot ball got washed, now you get to dirty it up again though!

  6. Ooo you are so sneaky to have hidden that cow spot ball for so long! I like stinky seasoned toys too, not sure what is the deal with Mums. I am glad she played with you!


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