Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I be so bored.......

It is so cold at the moment, we had a blizzard yesterday and I could barely even get out my back door the wind was so strong, then when I came in mom laughed and said I looked like a yeti. I am not sure what that is, but she said I looked like one. We did brave the cold and go to the petshop this morning ...the winds has gone and it wasn't snowing anymore and I got lots of pats so it was worth going out. I said hello to the cockatiels and the ferrets - (dog oh dog do those guys smell). The guinea pigs were all hiding so I didn't say hello to them. Do you know there wasn't another dog in there!!! How sad is that, its a pet store, it should be full of furry friends. Mom said it was too cold for sane peoples to be out.......so I guess that makes her a little crazy. Really though, she just worries about me getting bored even though I go on my tread mill 3 times a day, do my agility and play games and do training throughout the day...she still thinks I need to get plenty of new smells and sights. It is going to be a long week as it just supposed to be getting colder and colder. Today it was 11 F and by Friday they are say -10 F.


  1. We hate to say it Reilly, but we think your Mom is right! Judging from the photo it's pretty grim out there! More time for cuddling and indoor exercise buddy :)

  2. I think that is too much cold and snow! Fun at the pet store is good though, I has never seed a ferret or a cockatiel

  3. Dog oh Dog that's cold! It's not that cold here, but the sun is gone it's got a layer of gunk under it so we can't see it. Bummer!


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