Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a polite golf coarse

The mom and I went for a long walk the other day and came across the politest golf coarse! Look, here I am actually being welcomed by it and I must say I certainly did enjoy a new area to explore and check out. And as we were leaving, it actually thanked us for coming. And mom says to tell everyone - no we didn't walk on the actual golf coarse, there is a path that follows it and we were on the path. Mom says for some reason people get upset when dogs go for walks on the golf coarse. I asked mom what this 'golf' thing is and she said it is when big people hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole with a long stick. I love balls and sticks......I wonder if they would let me come and play too. I wonder why they want to put the ball in in a hole - oh oh oh....I know, they are burying it for later, to season it and make it all nice and dirty and yummy. No wonder they don't want us dogs going to the golf coarse, they are worried we will dig up all those buried balls. Hmm maybe I should plan a sneak raid on the you all know, a dirty ball is the best kind of ball to play with. Anyone want to come with me? Mom says there are probably balls hiding all over the golf coarse as sometimes people hit them in the wrong direction and they get lost. Oh gosh, mom says dad loves to play golf....hmmm maybe I could see if he has any of those golf balls in that golf bag thingy he has down stairs.


  1. Maybe they put balls in holes like when the Mum here puts balls in the Muffin Tin and we have to get them out for treats under? Hrm.... that would make sense though!

    That is a very polite Golf Coarse! The Mum wishes we could play agility and flyball on golf coarses!

  2. Just make sure you hide the golf balls in a better spot than your Cowspot ball otherwise your Mom will take them off you again!!! :)

  3. A golf course sounds like a great place for a walk! We agree with Josh and Jess that if you found the nice dirty golf balls they would go the way of your cowspot ball!

  4. Sneak raids are the best, time to start planning!

  5. aw, that a very kind golf course. We has one of those here up a big hill but mum is scared we will get hit on the head by the little balls. BOL!
    ~lickies, Ludo
    p.s. Mum has checked my teethies, she cannot see any that has not come out, but thinks a big one might be growing more, which makes sense as my ear has gone flopped. Thanks for the advice. :D

  6. Very interesting. We think that we shall have to ask dog dad about goof and goof courses.

    Essex & Deacon


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