Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Strange things at the lake today

Well.....what can I say!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!! The mom surprised me this morning, we got in the car and she took me to my favorite lake...which I walked on!!! Something odd has happened to the only let me take a couple of steps near the edge.....but I can say now I have walked on a lake!!!! Now of coarse the first thing I had to do - was sniff everything, rocks, twigs, trees, name it and I sniffed it. here I am checking out the trees....then just savoring all those good smells. Mom thinks it funny when I sniff as my cheeks puff out....she says it looks like I am rolling the smell around my mouth making sure I get the very essence of it.

The next big decision was to go this way or that way.......I could go towards the corn field or go around the was a tough choice and in the end mom said "Come on - lets go straight, so we did.

Now as we are walking along I suddenly heard this LOUD LOUD voice and it made me jump to attention. I was thinking "WHAT WAS THAT!" It was saying "This is an exercise, this is an exercise - red alert, red alert, this is an exercise" and it repeated it over and over......then there was some other funny sounding alarm ringing noises and then just when I thought it was all over...another SOUND that really had me worried I started howling at it! Here I am in the photos.....looking at the where the sound was coming from and then here I am am howling (darn mom and that camera thing) Anyway, not to keep you all in suspense mom said it was okay, the lake we go to visit is the Offutt Base lake which is of coarse right next to the Offutt Air Force Base and the loud voice I could hear was a loud speaker (I wonder if that is some kind of monster?) Mom says they were doing a "drill".....what ever one of those things is. My dad has a drill in a case but mom says it's different from that. The sound I heard that made me howl was a bugle .......I don't know that is either but it sounded like someone was having their tail stood on and it hurt my ears!!!!!

We continued our walk and I must admit I did keep looking over my shoulder just to make sure that bugle monster wasn't following. Now something else peculiar happened we walking this white stuff kept hanging around my nose. I tried biting at it and the more I did that, the more of it appeared. Mom says it was my own frosty breath........I HAVE FROSTY BREATH???? that something to be scared of??? I guess not because I eventually stopped worrying about it. Anyway, we had walked a very long way and I was getting very tired, so on the way back I kept looking down the road and bugging the mom by saying "are we there yet????" Then finally I saw my car......which the Mom calls Miss Molly. I was so happy I went racing over it and waited for mom to open the door and then jumped in so quick and flopped on the seat. Mom gave me a bowl of water which I slurped up laying down.....and then we we were off and I snoozed all the way home.......thinking about my wonderful walk. Mom says I should say how brave she is...even though it was bright and sunny, it was only 28 degrees!!!


  1. I do the same thing with my cheeks when I'm sniffing at something. It makes Mama laugh as well. I wonder what's happened to your lake Reilly? I tried to walk on water once but I sank right in.:)


  2. wow - what an exciting story! and walking on a lake! how cool is that? I get all undecided sometimes too,and can't figure out which way I want to go. Mom says I look like I want to go both ways and am trying to figure out how to do that. BOL
    your pal Morgan

  3. You are something special to be able to walk on water. Hmmm, we read about somebody else who walked on water... No, that was Moses and he parted the water! Silly us! Nice blog. We'll be back to visit often. Stay warm!

    Tinkerbell, Oscar and Tucker

  4. Dog Dad said you are bringing back North Dakota memories. Cold weather, klaxons, drills and stuff like that. That was back around 17BC (Before Collies) though.

    Dog Speed

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Hi Reilly! Pretty cool walk, ey? You look very handsome, it isn't often we get to see all of you. You are so WHITE I can understand how your mom doesn't want to walk with you when it's snowing! You'd disappear! I hope it warms up for you soon so you get to go on more walks. Maybe not so long though, you sound like you were exhausted! :)

  6. Awesome walk, Reilly! You're so lucky going to the lake when it was only 28 degrees. I hear a simliar alarm sound every Wed. at noon and I bark at it (mom says it's just a test, whatever that means).

  7. How weird to walk on the lake. I try do it with the big puddles but it never work. You must be magic! Oh no, not more monsters to watch out for. It be a scary world for us shelties.
    ~lickies, Ludo

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