Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you like cuddles?

Josh and Jess suggested I should stay inside with mom and have cuddles.....there is just one problem....do you know I have never been a cuddly dog. (I do make an exception for my dad - for him I will jump up in his chair and have a cuddle, especially if he has been away for the week) but that is about. I think it is because I am always so hot....... with all my fur I am either sleeping on the slate in the laundry or by the front door. I never just jump on the sofa and sit next to mom for a cuddle although sometimes I like to snooze by her feet. Mom thinks it's kind of odd really as she has had me since I was six weeks old and I have always been with her since that time. She has ALWAYS played me with every day and I have always been allowed to jump on the sofa or bed but have never really shown much interest in it. I was just wondering about my other buddies and whether the girls are more cuddly then the boys?


  1. Oh, yes, now we remember, I think you mentioned it some time ago, you don't like cuddles!!! We're the opposite, we love it & can't get enough; I (Josh) even more so than Jessie. Jessie and Pa will have a brief cuddle in the morning but Ma and I could keep it up all day (we seem to have more 'cuddle stamina' than the rest of the family :o) I've been like that from earliest puppyhood - I even left my food to my siblings when there were cuddles to be had from visitors (That's when we were still living with auntie Lynne, before Ma and Pa took us home).

  2. oh yes I loves cuddles! I like to get really close and squishy. Mum says she has never knowed such a cuddly dog. I don't think I that bad! Mum think it might be because of moving and knowing she been sad and we has needed to stick together. Maybe you is the more independant type?

  3. I'm with you, Reilly - I hate cuddles! Mom tries and I put up with it for a brief moment and then I have to get on with my agenda - whatever that may be!

    I would much rather be barking or licking or running or tugging or anything else!

  4. Katie is in between. She likes to sit on the sofa next to either me or my husband, but she doesn't stay long. She will move on down to the end of the sofa and hang her head over the arm and go to sleep. At night she sleeps on the bed though, but way down at our feet most of the time. She DOES like to be picked up and held for a time everyday. She tucks her head under our chin. But again, she doesn't want to be held for more than a few minutes. I think you are right, she gets hot!

    But just because you don't cuddle, doesn't mean you don't love your Mom and Dad lots and lots and lots!

  5. I am not a big cuddle dog either... though sometimes I like to rub my head into the Mum and Dad that's kinda fun. And sometimes lay against them when I sleep... but that's about it!


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