Sunday, January 4, 2009

Colors colors every where

Here is a chart showing all the wonderful colors shelties and collies can come in. If you click on the chart you will see it full size which makes it much easier for read for people like my mom who have 'old eyes' that don't see so well :) The other chart - which again you can click on to make bigger is about how to glue sheltie ears so that they stand up. We found this information here and there are many other sites and even some video's on u-tube that offer helpful tips. We found that female sheltie ears often stand up perfectly straight where as the males tend to have that tip fold. Mom wants to know if any of my sheltie buddies have long hair growing down the back of their ears. The hair on my ears is 2-3 inches in length and starts about 3/4 of the way up my ears. Mom thinks that is why they flopped because the hair makes them so heavy. I am off to have a BIG brushing. Dad gave me a bath yesterday and of coarse I took forever to dry so mom is going to comb me through in sections so she can check for any hidden matts. I had a small one hiding behind my ear where I still have some fine baby fluff, the one I like my mom to scratch all the time. Everyone should ask there moms and dads to check because even though I get brushed everyday, the one behind my ear was right down under all that thick rough. Now I know most of you think I crazy suggesting that you ASK your moms and dads to brush you...but trust me, matts are not fun to have combed out and the bigger they are the more ouchie they are and mom says if they too big that have to be cut out which doesn't leave out coats looking very nice. Mom has a bottle of doggie coat conditioner that she sprays on me to help control static and it makes combing easier, and that helps a lot to get through the matt without hurting. Okay I come.


  1. Thanks for the info Reilly! Would you say we're sable or light sable???? Hmm....
    BTW - Yes, we do have long hair down our ears but still they stood up straight when we were little. They are now floppy but that's because our Ma glued them when we were small. Here in NZ it's not desirable that a Shelties' ears should stand up straight, they are supposed to be folding over nicely (and if they don't, they'll get some 'help'). Maybe that's just a little cultural difference, haha ?

  2. Hmm, so you are into the coat colours too. We sent this to Tatum, but think you would like it too. The following two hyper-links explain how breeders try to get the different color coats. I found these by accident while doing a google search on blue merles.

  3. Our breeder said Katie was sable, but of course her coat wasn't in yet. Now she has a fan across her shoulders of lighter red, but the rest of her is pretty dark. Wonder if she's partly or all a mahogany? She's going to the groomer on Wednesday, my day off, so I'll take a picture of her then and post it for opinions! :) Thanks for the information! Oh yes, her ears fold over because she breeder had glued them..and we continued that as well. Our first sheltie's ears stood up because we never glued hers. Katie does have lots of long hair on the back of her ears. And she mats really easily too. Especially her tummy and behind her ears. She HATES getting brushed, but will let me if I'm extra nice. And promise treats.

  4. I have long hair on the back of my ears too - mom tried to get my ears to tip when I was a puppy - I had to go through all that gluing - but it didn't work and I ended up with prick ears any way. Oh well....

  5. Ooo well I don't have any long hair on my ears, but I don't have any long hair anywhere! :)

    that is a cool color chart! Collies, though, don't come in bi-blue or bi-black. The Mum wishes we did cause she likes bi-blues. Maybe she'll have to get a sheltie someday!

    Oh and in collies the whites are acceptable and can be shown! We might get a white foster brother today!

  6. yes I has quite long hair on my ears, but mum has cut it off once already cos they flopped down and she read that might help. Over here ears are supposed to be half up with just the top bit flopping down.

    I has not seen all the different colours, they is very nice though.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  7. Wow, so many colours! Thanks for sharing! I don't like to be brushed too, hence I have those irritating matts that my pawrents sometimes shave off for me when they get too difficult.
    My ears are tipped down too, and my pawrents love them! Then again, they seem to love everything about me, ha!

  8. Reilly, you know me too well!!! I DID eat the squeaker and it gave me diarrhea (again). At least it didn't make me sick :)

  9. mom glued and glued my ears and they still went prick.. much to the dismay of my breeder. there are only 3 of us bi-blacks from their kennel and the other 2 have tip over ear tops - not me though, BOL.. I have a picture of all 3 of us. I should put it on my blog - its a nice picture - I think I will.. They were supposed to tip over just a little, one third of the way down. the glue did help them learn to sit closer to the middle of my head though.


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