Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Still no good news

Mom is very unhappy today and when she called I could tell she was very upset. What are those BAD people at the hospital doing that they are making my mom upset? Mom had to go have another CT scan today (her seventh in two weeks) to see if they if they could take out one of the drainage tubes but there is still too much infection. They have tried mom on five different antbiotic (dad says those are things that help fight infection - so why are they not helping my mom? ) There is simply no other option we are going to have to dognap mom. Ricky can take the lead because he is super fast and quick at finding the best way out. Martha and Bailey are next because we need their noses to find us the right way out. Katie and Morgan can be next, then Josh and Jess then finally Ludo and me because we are big strong dogs. Anyone else who wants to join in can run distraction for us. Change of shift is at 7.00pm and everyone is busy then so they won't notice us. Set those clocks guys the dognapping of mom begins at 6.30


  1. You got it Reilly! Ready or not here we come! Hope your Mom is packed and ready to go! I bet she is!!

  2. We will see you there Reilly - don't worry with all of us we should get your mom out.
    This is a drastic situation - we have some antibiotics left over from the vet when Bailey had stitches in her ear - we will start your mom on those immediately.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Let's synchronize our watches, Reilly! I will be good in the lead (I just ran out the carelessly-left-open backyard gate a minute ago -but I came right back when mom called!)

    All that technology and knowledge and the doctors still can't figure out how to help your mom! It is so very frustrating but we have to keep the faith and know that she will get better soon!!!!

  4. Great big hugs from me and my Mum and all of us at our pack for your Mum and you and your Dad. :(

  5. We are in if you need some help.

  6. We'll be there! We'll bite their ankles if they try to stop us! We need to get your mommy out of there now!

    Riley and Star.


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