Monday, November 22, 2010

Hearth and home

You may be wondering what I am doing laying in front of a fire seeing how I don't like heat, but don't be fooled. Look at what I am laying on - nice cold tiles! My new house doesn't have vents on the floor for me to lay on so I had to find some other way to cool down and this is one of the places I like. Pretty Miss Katie also asked if I had lost weight while my mom was so sick and the answer is YES - nearly 8 pounds!!!! It wasn't due to fretting or missing my mom though, just a case of not getting the treats I was use to getting. The vet is very happy with my new weight as she said I was getting a little a chubby! I prefer to think of it as cuddly. Anyway, my new weight has made my zooming around the yard ability so much faster and every evening Dad and I go and play "skitchum" in the back yard. Skitchum is when you run around like a crazy thing, barking happily as Dad tries to touch you as you go flying past. Mom is still slowly improving and getting a little stronger each day. She can even get down the back step now and come out into my garden with me. We hope everyone has a very happy thanksgiving - try to relax and just enjoy being with your families. Talking of family, it is with a sad heart that Dad's mom, our only remaining Grandpawrent passed away last week. Dad was very upset as he had been planning to go and visit her for thanksgiving but life over the rainbow bridge called and she had to go. Be at peace sweet Elsie and know that we love you.



  1. Sorry to hear about your Dad's mom, but there will LOTS of furry friends for her there. Abby is like you - when she gets hot (even in winter) she goes and sprawls on the tile floor until she's cool and then comes back to bed! Happy howl-o-days to you and your family.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

  2. We are so sorry to hear about your grandma, Reilly.
    We don't like to be hot either!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Very sorry to hear about your Dad's mom. I hope she did not suffer long.

    You lost 8 pounds Reilly? Wow - if I lost 8 pounds there would only be 7 pounds of me left. I think you look good at your new weight.

    I play skitchum too with my mom - we never had a name for it before but now we do! It is one of my very favorite things to do!

    Glad your mom is getting stronger all the time!!!!!

  4. That's so hard, that your Granpawrent had to go over the bridge before your Dad could go visit her. Just not fair what you and your family have had to deal with in the past year, what with your Uncle going to the bridge too. So sad.

    Special hugs to your Dad, he is going to need lots and lots of cuddling this holiday.

  5. w00fs, sooo sorry on the loss of your grandma..mayb she founded our lacy and is pllaying with her..

    b safe,

  6. So sorry about your Dad's Mum. :( Too very sad.

    Your game sounds like lots of fun in the yard. I kinda do that with the Mum but mostly she does it with me and I try to run around her back to the house!

  7. Hi Reilly, you are looking great to us - we are always so pleased to see you.
    We are sorry to hear about your Grandma - hugs to your Dad.
    It is not easy to lose a parent, even when they have had a good long life.
    Somehow you never quite get over missing them.
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  8. Sorry about your dad's mom.

    We are, however, so glad to hear that your mom is gaining strength and able to join you for some time in the backyard. That is certainly something to be thankful for.

  9. Hi Reilly, thanks for popping over to ask for Bailey - it was so lovely to see you! Or perhaps we should say, hear from you!
    Bailey, thankfully, is so much better than she was - we are all very happy here.
    You all know there how scary illness can be!
    We have also just changed our blog background so of course thinking of you again.
    We seem to have managed it although it took us some time mucking about! Something to do with 'repeat' or 'no repeat' - anyway it is looking as beautiful this year as it did last year. It was the nicest xmas present!
    Much love
    Martha, Bailey and Mum xxx

  10. look fabulous!

    Were sorry to hear about you grandma and send kisses and hugs to your family.

    And, Then we are also very happy to hear your mom is doing better.

    You and your family will remain in our prayers.

  11. I like cold tiles too! I wish I could send you some snow. You look very good with your new physique.

    Sorry to hear about your Grandma. :( That musta beed really hard.


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