Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new favorite place

My wonderful Dad has discovered a new place for me to explore. It is a huge park that has this pawesome lake, lots of walking trails and trees everywhere. There are also lots of ducks and geese for to bark at. There is a camp ground in the middle of the forest and lots of areas for kids.

In the middle of these trees is a huge fort that the kids can play on. If you click on the photo's you can them to see them better. Mom enjoyed just sitting at a picnic table and resting while dad took me on a walk.

Mom is doing much better and is able to walk a little ways before getting tired. Thankfully there are lots of good places to sit around the lake and Mom enjoys the quiet and the smell of the forest.

I must admit I am enjoying our new home and even though it's not as cold here (we are averaging mid 60's) I like it because we can go for more walks in the park.



  1. oh my Dogness Reilly!!
    So pleased to hear from you again. Mum sent your Mom a card, but I donno if it ever turned up? I see you did a couple of posts too whilst I beed a not good blogger. I so pleased that your Mom doing so much better. I just can't say how much!!

    ~lickies, Ludo

  2. Woo - that park does look super cool with lots of good walkie spots.

  3. Reilly! This looks lovely! So glad you and your Dad AND your Mom got to go to the park! Everyone feels better at a park!

    You look kind of skinny little man, were you pining away for your Mom this past year?

    Katie sends kisses.

  4. Hi Reilly! It's good to see some photos of you again - it has been a long time! That park looks wonderful and I'm glad your dad takes you there to explore and that your mom feels good enough to go along! That's progress!

  5. What a beautiful spot for a walk, Reilly! We continue to send lots of positive thoughts your mom's way.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. That looks like an awesome park! I wish I could come with you. And that's good that your Mum can sit for a while and still go with. :)

  7. Reilly!! So nice to see you out and about. And you mom went too!.
    how nice is that!!!! Tell your dad to take you every day!
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie


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