Sunday, March 13, 2011

New things in my yard

Yesterday I discovered some new things in my yard. The first one was a big shiny monster that I wasn't at all sure about - Mom called it a "grill". For some odd reason she put food inside it and all of a sudden I couldn't stay away from it - there was all these wonderful smells coming from it. I kept walking around and around it with my nose in the air sniff sniff sniffing. Dog oh dog I have never smelled such a pawtastic monster before. Even better -when Mom took the food out - she gave me a little piece of meat and it was so pawsome!

The other thing that appeared in my yard was a new "IT" containment area - YEAH! But then Mom said no - that is not what it is for, it is a raised vegetable bed. Mom is going to have a veggie garden this year - she hopes. I think it would be much better as an "IT" containment area especially when they put the pest fence around it as we know "IT" is a pest so this is just perfect. Mom says the pest fence is to keep pests out - not keep them in !!! Personally I think Mom has this all backwards.



  1. For some odd reason, our grill is kept in a part of the porch that we can't get to. Why would the hu-dad do that?

  2. Nice new grill, Reilly! Don't they smell fantastic? It's cool that your mom is going to have a vegetable garden this year - I love lots of veggies and the garden fresh ones are the best! Hope the squirrels and rabbits stay out of it!

  3. That's a wonderful monster and I'm so glad that you got some food from your mom. I've that kind of monster in my yard and I love it whenever my humans use it.
    I think that containment is the right place for IT.

  4. We were trying to think why your Mum would be growing vegetables. Then we remembered that she was from Oz. We ran and told Dad your Mum was going to make Vegemite Sandwiches.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Ooooo, scary monster that cooks food! That's a good kind of monster.

    I've always wanted one of those raised beds for veggies! I really should get one.

  6. Reilly - somehow we don't think that box would be enough to contain IT:) BOL One leap and out with the It. But it will be great for some wonderful veggies to use on that big grill. We love our grill too, we got some burgers from it last night. Hoping for some steak soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. LOL, very funny. Poor "It". LOL

  8. Did you get hamburger or steak, Reilly?
    Bummer that your vege garden will be fenced in. How will you help yourself to a yummy tomato?

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Excellent silver monster! But "IT"...well don't think that little vegetable box would hold him for long. Too bad though... On the other hand you might like some of those vegetables you Mom grows...Katie LOVES cabbage...

  10. w00fs, fancy grill ya got there...yummmmy food...heehee I think u really like "IT"...

    b safe,

  11. Grills are cool...keep an eye out for what they call "tongs". Sometimes they lay them down and you can get a lick or two off of it before they notice it!!

  12. Oh Reilly! LOL! The IT containment box had me really laughing. Enjoy the new grill!


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