Thursday, March 24, 2011

A voting poll

Okay - we have had some pawsome names suggested for our new doggie cards blog (we will have ones for kitties too) and we have decided to have a poll to see which one every doggie thinks is the best. You will see it on the right hand side of the page.

Yesterday we went to the park again and this time we saw 3 turtles all trying to get on one stick and around the corner we saw 5 all trying to get on a stick. Driving to the park we also saw in the middle of the road a huge Snapping Turtle that had been run over. Mom says Snapping Turtles are not very nice but she was sad to see it like that. We also saw this tree in flower - Mom thinks it is a Dogwood, it was very highly perfumed but kind of a sickly sweet smell, she didn't like it very much, but it did look pretty. Remember you can click on the photo's to see them bigger.

"IT" also came to the park with us and decided to investigate the hollowed out area at the base of a tree, "IT" stuck it's head in then promptly backed out as quick as "IT" could - followed by some angry bees. You have never seen 10 feet move so fast in the opposite direction (Mom's, mine and IT's)



  1. Man, you guys are turtle central! Too bad that snappy one didn't make it. :(

    I don't know if that's a dogwood or what mom calls a "box wood"? Either way, it's pretty!!

  2. If that pretty flower stinks, it is probably a flowering pear tree - we have a lot of them around here and the smell is truly sickening. But if you can bear the odor, it is very pretty.

    Watch out for bees - they can be nasty.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. I never could come up with a good name for your cards! Sorry!

    Now it's going to be hard to choose which one to vote for!

  4. Those turtles are funny! Why do they clamber onto one stick? Oh they are weird and i wish I could chase them! But they wouldn't run very fast.

  5. w00fs, Bees do not want to git along wiff us...

    b safe,

    pps me voted...

  6. Oh No! Glad you got away from those bees! Scary. IT sure likes to get into trouble.

    Beautiful park!

  7. Looks like it sure is spring where you are; we have a few more weeks of iffy weather before we can really say it's spring.

  8. The park sure does have some pretty things to take pics of. Those turtles are cute. Too bad the one didn't make it across the road. I hate to see that too. The bees sound scary, glad no one got stung.

  9. Those blossoms are truly beautiful! It sure looks like a Dogwood (hey that's kinda fitting) LOL

  10. WOW others have come up with some good names too! Those are some very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Your flowering tree is just beautiful, Reilly! Our trees are all still asleep.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. What an adventure! Glad you got away from the bees! How fast can tiny little "IT" run?


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