Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review - Tuckers All American Chicken Breast and Giveaway

23 October 2013 - Review of Tuckers Chicken Breast Jerky

Today thanks to The Natural Pet Warehouse we are reviewing  Tuckers Chicken Breast Jerky. Now if you haven't checked out  The Natural Pet Warehouse you should as they  have a HUGE variety of products to choose from - not just for dogs, but cats , birdies and all other creatures great and small.

Here's the basics
Tuckers Klassic Kellis American Chicken Breast Jerky for Dogs - 5 oz bag (also available in 16 oz bags) These American Jerky Dog Treats are made in the USA and sourced from the USA or Canada.

Each strip is individually wrapped to keep them fresh. These treats contain NO Grain, Gluten, or By Products. All Natural and Fresh. Handmade in Wisconsin in facility under UDDA oversight. Feel confident that your dog is getting the best with Tuckers...They are made with Human Grade Ingredients.
  • USA/Canada Meat
  • Only 1 Ingredient
  • Human Grade
  • Grain Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Cost - On sale $8.99 - Normally $10.99

Taste Test
  • Seriously WE TOTALLY LOVED THEM - these are some of the yummiest treats EVER!!!
  • Each chicken strip is INDIVIDUALLY wrapped so it is perfectly moist and fresh
  • We loved them being soft and chewy and Mom says they smell just like roast chicken. 
Note - as many of you know there has been quite a scare over chicken from China - these are human grade chicken strips from the USA/Canada and perfectly safe.

    • Made in USA from USA/Candian Chicken
    • All natural ingredients - No meat by-products, wheat, corn or soy. No artificial colors of flavors.
    • Well priced for the quality of the product.

    Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
    • Not a one - they are totally pawsome! These are big thick strips so you might want to chop them into pieces like our Mom did rather than giving jut a whole strip.

    • Without a doubt - we give this our 5 paws rating.
    The Giveaway :  The Natural Pet Warehouse sent us an extra 6 oz bag of these delicious treats and to be in the giveaway - simply answer one question "What GRADE of food is this" - the answer is up there is the review. Just leave us your answer in your comments and remember to check back to see if you are the winner.

    Disclaimer : The Natural Pet Warehouse sent us a packet  of Tuckers Chicken Breast Jerky in return for an honest review.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.


    1. 5 paws - then they must be really GOOOD! can you hold that bag a little closer to the screen?

    2. We were drooling when we read this...cos wesa loves the chicken, we think it is GRADE A cos GRADE F wouldn't be very good.
      stella rose

    3. They are human grade. Right, Right,Right ???????
      Thanks for the review

    4. Wow that was a 5 star rating. Bingo you seemed to have found the best treats ever. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
      Best wishes Molly

    5. WOW, chicken, my most favorite thingie, enter ME for the HUMAN GRADE stuffs. Gonna write down the site cause it's hard to find good USA chicken stuffs

      The Mad Scots

    6. They must be fabulous if you gave them 5 paws up. We have never heard of them before. THANKS fur telling us.

    7. Human grade!

      Wow - great review! They look delicious and I love that they are such high quality. I shudder at some of the ingredients I see in other brands.

    8. Ooooh, they really look like they deserve that 5 paws! Good to know they're made from good chicken, you looked like you really enjoyed that.
      Pippa :)

    9. Those do look super yummy! Momma says she's going to go check that website out, it's one she's not come across yet!

    10. Human grade and they look absolutely delicious, Reilly and Denny!

      Love ya lots♥
      Mitch and Molly

    11. You make those look yummy yum. Lee just gives me carrots and apples. The treats I get are if I win them. So I will say they are human grade.
      Thanks for stopping by today
      Sweet William The Scot

    12. Another winner! No China - very important!

    13. Fur sure these are Human Grade guys and they look yummalicious! I love chicken jerky and it's great that these are safe for us pups and momz likes that they come wrapped so she can bring one with us with no mess

    14. HUMAN grade - does that mean Mom can have some too? BOL

      We do love chicken and duck jerky. Mom stopped buying it for us with all the scares, but maybe we can get her to try this one - it sure sounds safe AND tasty.

      Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    15. Reilly and Denny-
      It's nice to see some jerky treats available that we can feel okay about. Thanks for the review :D

      Wyatt and Stanzie

    16. Looks like they are Human Grade! Love it! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    17. They're human grade. I love that they are made with US/Canada meat, that is super important!


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