Saturday, July 11, 2009

Me Happy

Here I am smiling like a fool because today we went to the leash free park and I got to run and run. Dog oh dog it was so much fun. It was actually sort of coolish this morning - at least not as humid as it has been and that is good weather for me. I sniffed and sniffed and even checked out where a deer had bedded down. That was something I had not smelt before. Of coarse I was enjoying so it much that when I heard something moving in the bushes I suddenly had a flashback of that killer duck again. For a moment I froze on the spot listening and them I ran to my dad as quick as my legs could carry me for protection - ah um......I mean to protect him of coarse!!!! Dad is scared of ducks and needed some reassurance. We had the park all to ourselves again - for some reason not many people take their doggies there which is odd as it so much fun and there is so much room to run and it is very safe as it has big fences all around it. Mom thinks they probably don't know about it as it is a little out of the way and she doesn't mind that not a lot of people and doggies go. I do like to meet other doggies sometimes though, especially if they are nice and want to play and run with me.



  1. Oh Reilly, You are such a cute doggy! I'm glad you had fun at the park and I hope that silly duck leaves you alone. If not, you'll just have to show him whose boss!

  2. It's a good thing you were there to protect your dad from the killer duck!!!!

  3. What a nice place. Always best to be prepared for ducks! Shame there no other dogs to play with, I would play with you if I be there.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  4. That looks like a WONDERFUL park Reilly! I wish we could visit you and go there! Katie's never been in a leash free park before. She'd run with you...I think anyway. Good thing you were there to protect your Dad. When he grows up he might outgrow the duck phobia thing. Or not.

  5. That is a very nice place to hang out ! You're really a very cute cowspotty dog ! haha !

  6. You look positively happy in that photo Reilly. Running leash free is the best thing that can happen to a doggie :)

  7. What a beautiful park you have and almost all to yourself, Reilly! We're glad to hear you saved your dad from the evil duckie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Hi Reilly
    It is great to run off leash - problem is the humans can never run fast enough when you are on a lead!
    We are glad you have let those ducks know you are the boss.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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