Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This and that

It's been a funny past week. Mom and Dad decided to have a storm shelter installed as we don't really have any safe room in our house. The shelter is an underground one and goes in the garage. They were supposed to come last Wednesday, no show, said they would be here Thursday, no show, same on Friday and Monday. Dad eventually had to go into the store and demand the cell phone number of the person who was supposed to install it and he said he would do it this Wednesday - of coarse it is supposed to rain for the next three days and even though it is the garage Mom is pretty sure they will use the rain as an excuse not to turn up again. Mom and Dad are NOT at all happy with this company but they are only ones that provide shelters in our area and Mom is watching tornado warnings right at this moment as I paw this post. We will see if anyone turns up tomorrow for me to bark at.

I had to go to the vets on Monday, mom was worried about my limping and Dr W. is worried about me not not being to extend my front legs. He said there was stiffness in both my front shoulders and now I have to see a specialist vet in Memphis for that too. Luckily he is in same place and MY lady dermatologist vet so we will be seeing both of them next week.

Mr Wuzster (Denny) is also off to the vet tomorrow - he has an ear infection in one ear, not that you would know to see him him running, jumping and playing. Mom noticed he seems to the want the one ear scratching all the time which made her looks and there is a gooey buildup in it. He is also on a de-stuffing roll today, so far we now have a de-stuffed moo cow and my favorite bunny!!!

Cousin 'IT' (Jackson) is driving Mom a bit crazy. EVERY day between 4 and 6 pm the Corgi that lives behind us comes out into the yard and Mr Barky spends 2 hours non-stop barking barking and barking - so much he causes himself to wheeze. For some reason he REALLY doesn't the corgi and it not that just barking to say hello barking - this is serious "I'm going to kill you if you come near my fence" type of barking. Mom has been closing the door to stop him but it's like he has a built in alarm clock and dead on 4 o'clock he starts whining to go out.

Mom liver results came back, no apparent reason for being 3 times above normal and the second blood tests showed it even higher - they are sending to her another specialist to see about that but the earliest appointment she could get is May 15th! Hey, at least it is this year Mom:)

I did dogervise the power washing of the deck this past weekend and next weekend I will be dogervising putting the stain on it. (it's only taken a year Dad!!! what would he do without me pestering him the whole time?) I mean its MY deck and a boy has to have a good deck to survey his kingdom from.

So that is my update....don't forget our competition...Mom has been REALLY enjoying this doodling thing (even though she ignores ME while she is doing it) and finds it very calming so she would love to do some for you too.


  1. Sorry to hear that you have to go back to the vets Reilly but I'm sure they can make things better for you. I went to a seminar this week with a vet who is qualified as a rehabilitation therapist. If Beckett gets a soft tissue injury I am going to see her, her clinic is really close by us.

    I hope you get your shelter installed. Every time I see the news of tornadoes, I'm sure glad we get snow storms instead.

  2. It is tough to find reliable and responsible workers these days. You would think with jobs being such as they are that people would WANT to have a job to do. We are dealing with getting someone here to restring about 11 continuous loops on our tall window blinds. Been over a week now and we are still trying to get a date out of them.

    Too bad about the ears on Denny and the stiffness with Reilly. We hope both will soon be much better.

    Don't know what to suggest for Jackson other than change the time on his clock:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. That is quite the week. I'm exasperated just reading about it. I think I need a nap.

  4. From his days in Oklahoma and tornado alley, Dad remembers tornadoes.

  5. Sounds busy. Hopefully both you and your mom are okay. Sounds worrisome that they couldn't get your mom into the doctor any sooner, especially with her levels on the rise still. Good luck with that, and with the shoulder pain.

    And I loved the drawing in the earlier post.

  6. I hope you get your limpie problem solved, Reilly, and I hope that Denny's ears get better. Go easy on the barking, Jackson - the Corgi lives there and probably isn't leaving anytime soon!

    Love ya lots,

  7. so,its enough of bad things.
    i wish much better times in the future!
    and no more illness for anyone!
    hope you will have happy times from now on!
    the foxbrothermomma

  8. Hiring people to do stuff can be so aggravating! Hope they show up today.

    Sorry to hear that the dogs both need to go back to the vet :(

  9. Sounds like your whole family has been very busy Reilly! I'm sorry your shoulders are sore...hope the nice vet in Memphis will be able to figure it out! And we hope Mom's visit to the specialist very later down the road figures some stuff out too! AND we hope that storm safe room store gets their people out there pronto!

  10. So sorry to hear that both you and Denny have to go to the vets and I hope everything goes well with you guys.
    We are so blessed that our vet is just a stone throw distance so it's easier for me to take Eva and Mika to the vet.

    I hope the guy would turn up. It is so irritating that we stay at home to wait for them but they don't show up their faces at all.

    Hope your mom is feeling better too.

  11. Sounds like you guys have your paws full. Hope the vet/doctor appointments go well for you all.

  12. Sadly, when there is a monoply they tend to be less concerned with happy customers. Hope you get them there soon. Sorry about all the health challenges, especially Mom's. Hope she gets some solutions soon.

  13. I've got my paws crossed for everybody in your family! Hope everyone gets good results and is A-OK!


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