Thursday, October 13, 2011

No walk in the park !

Today Mom though it would be "FUN" to take a walk around the neighborhood and attach me to the Wuzster!!!! Trust me it was NO fun at all! She thought she would try this shorter double walker in the hopes we wouldn't get so tangled - yeah right Mom - you KNEW that wasn't going to happen. Of coarse the Wuzster was scared of EVERYTHING. It started at the end of our driveway when he saw the trash can, then it was the blue bags they use for recycling, a strange car, the city trash truck nearly had him in frenzy and the fire hydrant - well I am sure you can imagine.

Anyway, back to my hour of torment - emmm I mean walk. Needless to say the double walker was not a success - it would of been if the Wuzster wasn't attached to it!!! We still got to check our some interesting things though. Our little neighborhood lake is looking very pretty with it's autumn colors and there is even a duck family that has taken up residence -probably because the people that live around the lake feed them :)

We also found an interesting letterbox - this one had a cherub on it and we saw this cute harvest display. We hope more people do these so we can take pics of them - they look so cute. Do peoples in your neighborhood do these - we would love to see them if they do.

Just as a side note - Mom has been thinking about trying a DAP collar on the Wuzster, she has been scouring the internet for information to help him with his 'fears' and wondered if any other doggies had tried them and did they actually work???


  1. You will teach him bravery and then be so proud of him.

  2. Oh wow what an amazing walkie!!!

    on the DAP issue - I totally support and love this collar for anxiety issues and so forth

    It helped haylie out alot with her seperation anxiety. If you do order from them please let them know when talking to them we sent you - maybe they will give you a discount.

  3. I have been using a product called Canine Calm available from to help with anxiety issues. I have previously used Rescue Remedy which has made a difference but am currently finding this works even better. It is a spray with essential oils. You spray it on your hand and then rub on the end of the ears or belly. With 5 dogs that each have their own issues it has been a real help. It is also the most affordable option I have found. I have also used collars from which have calming herbs in them. They worked well but had a limited lifespan. Hope you find something that helps!

  4. Mom has tried the coupler in the past and found it very frustrating. No fun having two pups who want to go in different directions.

    And yes, we used the D.A.P. collar on Lightning when he first arrived. It only lasts about 25-30 days, but it helped a lot with getting him used to men's shoes (he was afraid of Dad's shoes) and not running away from the little bipeds that are here during the week. He still has a lot of things he is afraid of OUTSIDE of the house, but we are trying to work on those with positive reinforcement training. But we might try the collar again for that. It just seemed to be very effective inside in a more contained environment.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Sorry you had to go on that walk attached to your little brother, Reilly!

  6. The double walker never worked for me. I've always seem to have one Sheltie who wants to be out in front and while the other is happy tagging along behind.

  7. There seems to be a lot of research about DAP helping to calm dogs. Didn't help Oreo at all, but he has some pretty severe anxiety.

    Chewy gets startled by new things (mailboxes, bags in the road, etc.), and I find feeding him food until he relaxes, then rewarding him for steps forward after that helps. He gets over the fear real quick.

    Good luck. Puppies go thru lots of fear periods,so maybe that is what is going on with Denny and he will outgrow it.

  8. We're sure that your mom thought that you and Denny linked together on your walkie would give him confidence. Guess it didn't work that way, huh!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Look at your neighborhood! So wonderful that autumn is here!

  10. Hello Reilly and Denny! I is happy to meet you! My Mom always used to have Shelties and sure does love looking at them. She has me now, I don't shed and she likes that a LOT!

    I just know that you will get you little brother to learn about that big world out there Reilly, it sure is scarry in the begining though!

    woos, Tessa

  11. Katie always barks at anything new. The garbage can. A sign in a neighbor's yard. A car parked where it wasn't before. I think she's telling me "HEY MOM! That wasn't here yesterday Mom! Danger danger MOM!!!

  12. I don't know about that whole DAP thing. It says it has Fear Moans in it which is what we use to trap meal moths so he might start to attract moths. I'm also wondering how they collect those Fear Moans in the first place.

    Seriously, though, sounds like the little guy is going through is big chicken phase so maybe he is just seeing too many new and scary things at once when he goes walkies. What about foregoing those big walks for just sitting at the end of the driveway and getting a nom whenever a car goes by. You will need to have VERY good noms, though, like hot dogs or chickens or something.


  13. So sorry to hear that your little brother didn't enjoy the walkies like you and made so much noise.

    Give him a little bit more time, I'm sure with you around, he will slowly learn from you and be braver.

  14. I've heard of other doggies who have done well with DAP collars and even DAP air freshners in the house to keep them mellow. Let us know how it goes!


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