Monday, January 9, 2012

What a day !

Here I was enjoying a nice bit of sunshine when I was 'bribed' yes bribed to come inside and what was waiting me - or I should I say ALL of us....the dreaded B.A.T.H. Now they are forecasting rain for the next 3 days so I was REALLY enjoying my sun bathing and the LAST thing I wanted was a real 'bathing' with heaven forbid - W.A.T.E.R.

Mom asked "IT's" Mom if she would do the dreaded deed as Mom can not do it anymore. And why did I need a bath you ask - all because I kept Mom up half the night with my scratching. (Dad of coarse slept right through it - don't know why Mom can't) Was this a little Mom revenge I ponder? Sadly the new medicine the vet has been trying for my scratchies doesn't seem to be helping and we are just at a loss as to what can be causing it. I am also on antibiotics now as I have scratched myself so much in some places it has caused some skin abrasions. Mom is threatening to make me wear booties if I don't stop scratching - BOOTIES!!!! are you crazy woman!! Of coarse the dweebs just took it all without complaining - such young dweebs don't realize how bad B.A.T.H.S really are.


  1. Booties! Oh no! Hope the B.A.T.H. wasn't that bad. It's usually over pretty quick!

  2. SOrry about the bath Reilly, but I hope it helps with your itchiness. You poor thing.

  3. Oh, dear Reilly, wish we had an answer for you. We know Mom is just trying to help. We sure hope the itchies go away soon.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  4. Oh my, BATH! Yikes!

    Well, I have had a problem with scratchin and itchin and chewin my front legs and paws fur like furever. Well someone told Mom to try to add a small (I only weigh 5 lbs) amt of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I had it in my foods at all 3 of my meals and after 1 month Mom noticed that I hardly chewed my feet and legs at all!

    It has been 5 months now and I don't chew or scratch at all! Mom stopped using conditioner at bath time too and I is fury happy!

    Just a suggestion!

    woos, Tessa

  5. Someone told me this weekend that Jean Dodds, a vet who does a lot of holistic stuff and lots of other things too, offers a test where you swab your dogs mouth and send it to her. She then can tell you what your dog is allergic to and will set him up on a diet that will help him. I bet if you google her name you will find the info. I know she does a lot of diets with dogs with cancer and stuff. I hope Riely feels better.

  6. Ruh Roh! I had a bath and trim on Saturday too.
    I get all itchy I have to watch my diet. My vet switched me from Frontline flea stuff to Comfortis tablets...we think it helps :)


  7. oh oh...i had to wear booties once and they made me walk silly like a tennessee alkin' horse! I am due for one of those dreaded baths, too... i feel your pain. we will sulk together.

  8. We hope they find an answer to your itchies, Reilly. This is sure no fun for you and neither are baths!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. UGG. The bath. Such a horrible thing but don't you smell pretty after?

  10. Uh oh, booties? My mom tried to get me to wear booties last year in the snow. I couldn't walk in them and she finally gave up!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. B.A.T.H.S. are no fun Reilly but the itching must not be fun either. Hope at least the W.A.T.E.R. helped!


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