Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's just not fair !

Look at me - here I am in my nice big yard.....and do you see Wielly - NO, do you see Jackie - NO. Where are they you may well be asking?

Well Weilly has an excuse for not playing - see Mommy took him to the vets yesterday about his limping, he has something called arty-rife-tuss in his front right leg and also in his back left leg. The vet thinks his front leg was caused from doing agility - and that because he has been limping on it for quite some time on and off over the years he has put extra pressure on his back leg to compensate and now that one is hurting him too. Mommy was very sad as she was always so careful about his agility and never did a lot with him so she is surprised this has happened. But Wielly is much bigger then a normal sheltie and being white could also have something to do with it. Mommy says the Vet pulled Wielly's legs this way and that - and said Weilly is a very stoic doggy as he didn't make a sound the whole time. In fact the only way he knew Weilly felt any thing was when Wielly held his breath instead of panting. He also said Weilly wasn't allowed to go walkies for two whole weeks! Poor Weilly! He has some medicines to take every day now and hopefully that will help him feel better.

Now as for Jackie - his Mommy is being so mean - they don't get up until nearly 9.00am even though I wake up at 6.00 and want to play and then she keeps him in her room with him ALL afternoon even though I cry and cry at the door for him to come out. And she gets upset at me because I won't go to her and let her pat me - why would I????? She might grab me and lock me up in the room too !!! Jackie is MY buddy and I want him to be able to play with me all day long. It's just not fair!


  1. Sorry to hear Reilly is hurting. Bailey is developing Bursitis and he has never done agility. Sometimes it just happens.

  2. Poor Denny! No one to play with :-(

  3. Poor Reilly :( When Oreo hurt his leg, his whole body got out of whack due to compensating. Once we got his body back "in whack" he felt much better. Hope the rest does Reilly a lot of good.

  4. Oh YOu poor baby. It is hard to be alone, it is harder to know that your bud is not feeling well.

    I am sorry about the arthritis.

    My Vickie says the pills will really help though.


  5. Bowser, Reilly limping with arty-write-us. He is such a young boy.

    We agree that Jackson should be able to get up early in the morning. Heck we are ussually up for our walk at 4:30 AM, 6 AM is a much more civilized hour.

    Essex & Sherman

  6. Oh I sure is sorry to hear that Denny has ouchies, that is not good. I hope his medicine makes him feel lots better.

    woos, Tessa

  7. Sorry to hear about Reilly. Hope he gets well soon! Try again with Jackie tomoorw, those peeps give in to lots Of whining!!

  8. We are very sad to hear about Reilly. But don't blame yourself about the agility, these things happen and agility may have nothing to do with it.

    Denny - we hope your Sissy lets Jackie come play with you - that really just isn't fair at all.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. Reilly, my man, welcome to the club. That arthritis is a real kill joy thing for sure. Maybe you will get to do the water therapies and get massages like me. Rest up, take your medicine, and don't be afraid to say "OW!" now and then.


  10. Poor Reilly. I hope the two weeks flies by. If ya want to play I'm up at 4:45. I'll play with ya.

  11. This is sad news, about Reilly having that arthritis thing in his legs! I don't believe it was the agility because he hardly did any at all!! Maybe it's just a natural thing that runs in his family. And what's with Jackie? Maybe his Mom is feeling a bit sad to have moved again and needs her pupster near her for awhile. I hope eventually he'll be out to play with you! Meanwhile you'll just have to be a good doggie and find something to dig something up...right? :)

  12. We feel so badly for you, Denny. You need somebody to play with!
    We hope Reilly's medicine works quickly for him. Being hurt is no fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  13. Poor Denny, I'm on the way to come to play with you, wait for me!!!

    Paw crossed for Reilly too!

  14. Reilly -- Sorry to hear that your not feeling so great, I too, have to deal with the art-wri-tus stuff. I know when there is a weather change coming, but have found that swimming helps me stay loose. Maybe after your rest your mom can find a swimming spot for you. -- Brutus

    Denny -- I know is stinks when your best buddy can't play. How bout we play together? -- Tytus

  15. No, it isn't fair. Show 'em who's boss!

    Arooo! Stuart

  16. Hope Reilly feels much better after resting!


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