Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kong Chewy Treat Review and Give Away!

11th of June 2013
Today we are  reviewing KONG® Chewy Treats in
the flavors of Beef and Cheese and Sweet Potato. Now many us know about KONG® toys and even we have a few hiding in the old toy box but now KONG® is moving into providing tasty and quality treats - we looked at their website and there are 50 - YES 50 listed- wow wee!!!!

Here's the basics

  • Both are soft, moist and chewy
  • Both are very tasty and they smell good
  • Bags have a zip top to keep them nice and fresh
  • They use rosemary as a natural preservative
  • We loved that the beef and cheese chews are KONG® shaped and the perfect size for us.
  • The Sweet Potato Stix's also have carrots and peas in them and are VEGAN too

Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
  • For us as medium sized dogs we did find the sweet potato treats a little bit small. They would be perfect for small breed dogs or doggies that don't inhale their treats like we do but dog oh dog they sure tasted good!


    • Without a doubt - we give this our 5 paws rating.

    3 lucky dogs will each get a packet of these yummy Beef and Cheese and Sweet Potato Treats and the only thing you have to do is tell us what herb is used to preserve these yummy bits of goodness. The answer is up there 'positives' section. We will put all correct entries into Random.org to pick 3 winners and KONG® will send you your prize direct.

    AND  WAIT !!!! THERE IS MORE......
    KONG® is having a video clip contest where you can win even more goodies AND help out your local animal shelter too !!!!!!!! Here are the details......................

    Video Clip Contest - What will your dog do for a KONG Treat??
    ·         Film 20-30 second home video of what your dog will do for their favorite KONG Premium Treats

     Post your video direct on facebook here  https://www.facebook.com/KONGTreats/app_214224245382377
          All  submissions will receive assortment of KONG Soft & Chewy Treats! (3 bags)
          Top 3 winners receive KONG Treat Variety Basket packed with delicious treats to keep your dogs tail wagging! Plus, KONG Treats will also donate 2 cases of KONG Treats to Animal Rescue Shelter of your choice!

    Video Clip Contest Basic Rules
    (See fine print for more details)
    ·         Must include live dog or dogs
    ·         Must include visible KONG Premium Treats product AND packaging
    Not sure what these look like? Check them out here by scrolling down to “Premium Treats”: http://www.kongcompany.com/products/for-dogs/treats
    *FIND ALL THE DETAILS on KONG TREATS Facebook - http://bit.ly/KONGTreatsVideoClipContest*

    Disclaimer : Kong sent us a packet each of the Meat and Cheese and Sweet Potato Stix in return for an honest review.  KONG offered to sponsor a giveaway for our readers.  KONG is responsible for shipping the prizes to the winners. We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.


    1. Golden Woofs, we got the same post. I got to taste the Sweet Potato Stix. Yes it is small, perfect especially for portion control. Mom had to buy a new toy to fit the mini Sweet Potato Stix ... check out my post + video. You can add this post/url to the tasty Tuesday hop. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    2. Sadly, these competitions are rarely available for us in South Africa. Oh well, good luck to all. The treats look fabulous

    3. Okie Dokie, you bet, we are ready to try them out, the secret ingredient is Rosemary, and we bet them Beef & Cheese are the bestest!

      The Mad Scots

    4. Glad they were good. Don't include is in the giveaway as we are in the UK , big sigh. Have a terrific Tuesday.
      Best wishes Molly

    5. Yummy! We have rosemary growing in the garden.

    6. Is this open to Canadians? I am so going to get a video!

    7. How nice of them to do this give-away! And Rosemary as the perservative sounds yummy! Would you enter us in your give-away? That would be pawesome!

    8. NOM NOM NOM

    9. Oh wowweee boys, those treats sure do sound absolutely delicious!! Nice review! And, to be quite honest, I've always been a fan of anything with rosemary in it! ;-)

    10. A preservative herb? ummmmm, parsley? Those treats sure do look yummy!

      Love ya lots♥
      Mitch and Molly

    11. Yummy, yummy yummy. How cool that rosemary is used as a preservative, instead of something I can't pronounce (or spell)!

    12. We just might have to try those Sweet Potato thingies.

      XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

    13. Hi Denny and Reilly, we think that KONG treats are really good too. We hope that you liked them a lot.

    14. OMD! This is sooo exciting!! I've never had Kong treaties!! Can you believes it?! Well, it's true (my Ma is a meanie...) They sound DELISH!!
      Now, the herb they use to preserve these delectable bits of goodness is: Rosemary! wows, that sounds good!
      Thanks guys!

    15. Rosemary - who is Rosemary - a great name for a preservative - we are only joking.

      We love our Kongs and our Wubbas, so those treats must also be fantastic.

      Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    16. Rosemary! Those sound totally yumsicles! Thanks for the info.

      Loveys Sasha

    17. Who would have thought that rosemary would be a preservative! I have some in my garden!

    18. I'm going to get ma to go look for these in our shops..... they sound GOOD!

      Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

    19. They look super yummy, I'm drooling :) xx00xx

      Mollie and Alfie

    20. YUM! They are so good, right? Have a great Wednesday!

    21. Those look good. Since Fe has allergies, Mama didn't bring those ones home from BlogPaws even. Boo on her!


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