Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My sock

Okay - I be a bit confused. Here I am with my cute little sock that Maggie and Mitch's Mom knitted and it fits perfectly (I wonder how she knew my paw size?) The problem is, there is only one sock and I have four paws. I guess I could do that Michael Jackson thing by just wearing one. But you know what, mom came in and started chuckling at me and said that the sock isn't for wearing it is for hanging on a tree. Is that some new kind of sock monster ritual??? The sock monster that lives here just takes the socks outside and leaves them on the wet grass and I have never seen him leave them on a tree before. Then mom said it is a hooman tradition to hang socks and fill them with little treats and presents at Christmas time - but only my paw fits in this sock. Maybe that is why the sock monster sneaks the socks away - maybe he is checking to see if there are any treats left in them. Anyway ...I love my sock and will make sure that naughty sock monster doesn't take it outside - thank you Maggie and Mitch's mom.


  1. Reilly, it pains us to say this - you are a very dear friend to us - but you do look incredibly cute with that little sock on!!!!
    We reckon you should have another three!!!
    We are just a little worried as we don't think your xmas bone will fit in there........
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  2. You are sooo very handsome in your Christmas sock Reilly!

  3. Your looking very smart and modern in your Christmas sock .....hopefully Santa Claus will fill it with many delicious and good things :o)


  4. It fits! hehehehe
    It looks great on you, Reilly!
    We hope Santa crams it full for you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. very cute little sock - hope it holds some treats for you!

    lickies from Charlie's DogBlog

  6. Hey, cute sock! The look on your face is priceless! What we don't do for our moms!

  7. Phew!!! Reilly, when we first saw the photo on our dashboard, it looked as if you had your leg in plaster ! You do look very cute though with your sockie (although we know you don't like to hear it!)

    Josh and Jessie

  8. Hey Reilly :-)

    I don't thinks we've met before! Martha & Bailey sent us over, and I be Ludo's brother too!

    I sure likes your markings, you sort of look like me but a bit more cooler!

    Hugs & Kisses
    ~Fizz xx

  9. Ooooo Reilly, I LIKE you! "Sock monster"! snicker snicker. And we do that thing w/PVC poles too, only we don't compete agiltiy. we just do it on weekends or at doggie school for fun. YOu look like you'd be a PRO! fun for you.

    Nice to meet you. Wish I had known you when the dingo (Maggie) was around. She was special.
    wild dingo

  10. Hmm that is kinda a weird hooman thing to do and I don't really understand, but maybe it'll have suddenly lots of yummy treats in there with your paw! It's cute!

    My Mum saw the picture too and she loves the sock! Weird.


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