Friday, February 10, 2012

An Allergy Up-date

I thought I would give you update on my allergies. So far there has been no improvement in terms of my itching and scratching - but we didn't expect there to be. That sweet lady dermatologist vet did say it would need to build up in my system before we start seeing any difference and that could take between 2 and 12 months.

The good news is my fur doesn't seem to be falling out much. Mom is not sure if that is the antibiotics or special shampoo that is helping or I just that I don't have much fur left to fall out. She is very sad to see I have lost my big rough around my neck but she tells me everyday - all day -that I am still her special beautiful boy. Geesh Mom - you sure know how to embarrass a guy!

I can't say I am 'liking' the injections (of allergy serum) but I don't really mind them either. Mom is very very gentle and always makes sure they are in a different spot each time. Getting me to take my pills is a challenge though, I went off the pill pockets so mom switched to cheese but I went off that too - so now I get my pills wrapped in a little prosciutto - gawoof gawoof ...I wonder what Mom will try next?

Mom has also sprayed the back garden to get rid of the ragweed (that is all the green you can see in the background). Mom hates having to use any chemicals in our backyard but she searched around to a pet friendly one and we are giving it try. There was just way to much for her dig up - but she did remove the bigger plants that were flowering.

We noticed a few of you asked if I had been tested for food allergies - and the answer is YES. I am allergic to any kind of poultry and grains and I don't do well on beef either, although the occasional bone doesn't bother me to much so long as there isn't any meat on it (sigh - the best part I might add).

And YES - we have pet health insurance for those that asked. It REALLY helped us out with the cost of this allergy treatment. Okay, that is enough for today, I am off to enjoy some cool outside and to dream of a nice meaty bone.


  1. Aww Reilly, I'm so sorry you're not feeling better. Your coat will grow back I'm sure, and you're a very handsome guy even without it.

    Katie sends kisses.

  2. Reilly, I feel so bad for you, but I think now it's just a matter of time until you are better. You are still very very beautiful. I wouldn't worry about it. Blessings to you!


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