Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday Review With Denny #1

The other day the Mommy was wandering around in Bed Bath & Beyond when she bumped into a table. (She tends to be a bit clumsy that way) She suddenly heard something VERY familiar and turned around - it was a hole bunch or babble balls and they were ALL talking!

Now you have all seen me with my Babble Ball - which I totally love and play with all the time - but this one is smaller and has ridges on it rather then a smooth surface like my medium sized one has. It makes it much easier to pick up! These balls do actually have a battery inside them and you have to remove some screws to get to it - we haven't had to change the battery yet (Mommy just wanted to see how it worked inside so she took mine apart - can you believe that!!!!) Luckily for her it still worked when she put it back together again or I would not of been a happy Denny - no sireeeee!

This smaller ball would definitely be good for smaller dogs and costs $4.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond. Mom also had a 25% off everything coupon she used, so it didn't cost her that much. She bought a few other 'doggie' things that I be reviewing on other Wonderful Wednesdays so stay tuned !


  1. We used to have a Giggly Ball or something like that, Mom said it was a big hit with Dakota and Phantom years ago, but it made annoying sounds. Annoying is good, right? - bet you have fun with that Babble Ball.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Can't wait to see your other toys! You're one lucky boy!

  3. Babble balls, huh. Mama will have to check those out.

  4. I think I would most probably bark at that and then run! Mom says she's going to look for one of these for me.
    Our frame arrived today, Reilly, and mom put your beautiful work of art inside with no glass. It's stunning - absolutely stunning! Now we have to find the perfect spot to hang it out of the direct light. Thank you again so very much. You have my mom smiling through tears again!

    Love ya lots,

  5. Very good job of reviewing Denny! Mom says there is no way I am allowed to have one of those, though. LOL!

  6. It sounds like one of those chipmunks from the movies. My sissy would love it. Have fun!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Oh yeah the Babble Ball - Shasta loved hers but it stopped babbling. I will have to check at our Bed, Bath and Beyond for another - thanks for letting us know.


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