Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Getting up is so tiring !

We all have our little rituals and I kind of forget mine when Mom took me to that cold and bad Knee-braska place. Well now I am back home, I am remembering how good those old rituals were and I am re-instating them. I begins my day by getting up out of my nice comfy basket bed and then do a funny wibbly wobbly walk until my blankie falls off - (it just loves me and wants to stay close but Mom doesn't like finding it outside). I then toter outside to check and leave some pee-mail before racing inside to where my breakfast is waiting. Now sometimes I will gobble this down and other times I don't feel like breakfast. I then scurry into the living room where the 'other mommy' sits and I bounce straight up in the chair next to her.

Now I am a leaning-cuddler type of guy and I love being in the crook of 'other mommies' arm. This way I can see out the breakfast room window and keep an eye on those naughty little birdies called sparrows. But it is soooooo tiring getting up, checking the yard and having breakfast that eventually - YES- you guessed it, I have to settle down with 'other mommy' for a nice nap. My head starts to get heavy as I listen to the 'other mommies' heartbeat and eventually those eyelids of mine just won't stay open a moment longer........unless I hear those little sparrows chirping and then I am off and out the doggie door faster then speeding train, a bullet - heck I could even given superman a run for his leotards :) Do you have a morning ritual at your house?


  1. We gets up at about 5:00am. Amiee plays bitie face with Bella, we leave pee-mail, get breakfast then back to bed with dad when Mom leaves for work at 6:15am. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. We love our routines! Wake up/wake mom up (this usually involves Simon...kitties are good for something), mom lets us out, fixes us our morning noms, lets us in, we nom, then Duncan goes back to bed, I follow mom, then I go back to bed once she's out the door. What a life!! :)

  3. Yep I do. 45 minutes before MOM has to get up 4:50am) I get up and let her know I'd like to go out. Then I come back in and snuggle with MOM til she gets up. The I go out again. Come in, eat breakfast. Get in the car with MOM and she takes me to Bert's Day Care before she goes to work.

  4. Precious boy! I bet "other Mother" just loves cuddling with you too. Stay warm!

  5. Haha, Knee-Braska. That's a 'knee-slapper! Thanks for this moment of laughter in oasis.

  6. I like your morning ritual. I go outside to check out the p-mail and relieve myself, breakfast and then a nap.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  7. This sounds like the perfect morning ritual to me, Jackie.

    Love ya lots,

  8. Your morning routine sounds really good! I usually have to wait until my dad wakes up and luckily he always gets up early so I can use do my powder room business and eat breakfast.

    After breakfast, I wait for my dad to make his breakfast because when he grinds his coffee beans for his coffee, I always get my first treat of the day. Tee hee!


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