Thursday, February 9, 2012

True Colors Thursday - Week 4 - Eucalyptus

We are playing True Colors Thursday - which is all about taking a bit time to find something with or of a particular color. Now you don't have to be a great photographer to join in, it is just a fun thing and you will be amazed when you start looking - what you can find. Finn found the most amazing Eucalyptus colored floor tiles in the elevator where her Mom works and while at the pharmacy saw some eucalyptus cough drops! Blue found an amazing eucalyptus colored bowl and a cute Koala a penfriend from many years ago sent her and Mitch found a eucalyptus leaf wreath at his house and some Australian stamps that came on a card from a doggie friend in Australia. It can be anything and doesn't have to include us (doggies or critters) in the picture and it is amazing what interesting stories come with the things people find. You can even find colors of the things while out shopping - just grab your phone and snap away and you don't even have to buy anything :) So why not join us - we have a new color every Thursday and you have a whole week to find it! We also add an interesting twist each week. For this week - given that Eucalyptus is native to Australia the twist was to find something related to Australia and take a photograph of it.

Here are our photos. This was the "Wuzster" (Denny) when he was just a puppy (and he still is!) digging in Mom's plant pots. She doesn't know how many times she rescued her prized Eucalyptus tree from his paws - but it is quite a few. (That is it on the right of the photo) And for something Australian, Mom has this wonderful hand painted bag that she uses when she goes grocery shopping. (Yeah - that is me not looking happy about having my photo taken with it!) So what you waiting for - head on over to the True Colors Thursday Blog and join in! Next weeks color is Aqua - so start looking and remember it doesn't have to be a perfect match - just close to it so go out hunting and have fun!


  1. That is a beautiful bag! I am really enjoying the challenges :)

  2. I just love playing True Colors! I"m heading over to Finn's blog to see his finds. I can't wait till next week for aqua!

    Love lots,

  3. Sometimes plants just feel the need to be rescued.

  4. True Colors is fun. Mom loves that bag. We think we have had a few similar situations on our deck here too:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


    Our post is up. True Colours is a very fun challenge, gets you looking around at things.

  6. Love the bag! I bet you get lots of compliments on it.

    I never knew you could grow eucalyptus in a pot. I bet it smells wonderful

  7. Denny is so cute, I remember before my sparsky always digging my plants pots and always angry.

  8. That is a very beautiful bag!

    I just had a trip in Australia and bought a bottle of eucalyptus oil which I love it very much.


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