Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nothing like a little sunshine

We had some wonderful sunshine yesterday afternoon, it was even warm enough for Mom to come outside with us and play for a while. We had a game of zoomies first and then fetch the stuffy toy. After that we chased a ball around for awhile.

We also discovered that the corgi that lives in the house behind us is called Bolo and that we don't like him AT ALL. Mom thinks it odd I don't like him as Franklin (back in Nebraska) was my bestest buddy ever and he was a corgi. Of coarse Franklin was a real laid back little dude where as Bolo seem hyper and always jumps at at our fence. Cousin "IT" (Jackie) in particular doesn't like Bolo and goes CRAZY when he sees him near the fence.

But even the bad Bolo couldn't stop us enjoying the sunshine and we even smiled nicely for the "mom's flashy beast". Today on the other hand is cold, grey and they say we might even get some snow tonight. Sounds like a even better day to me.


  1. We have had a few good sunny days, today included, but we wouldn't mind having some snow too.

    Great smiles:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. We had sun today too! Great pictures of you guys!

  3. I hope that in time, you and Bolo will become friends. It's kinda hard living close to someone you don't like.

    Love ya lots,

  4. Maybe in time you will make friends with Bolo. Sounds like he is doing some protecting of his yard and even Stewie is all bark and no bite.

    We have part sun part clouds with maybe some sprinkles. Colder than yesterday which turned into a lovely afternoon after a gloomy morning.

    Enjoy your day and tell us if you get to play in the snow if it happens.

  5. Looks like you were enjoying your sunny day. We had sunny weather too, but Sherman is under Dr's orders to take it easy. Sigh.

    Essex & Sherman

  6. We had gray skies and SNOW this morning. :( Hope you and Bolo work it out so you can share fence patrol.

  7. So glad that you had a sunny day and your mom could come out and joined you all. Hope she has a speedy recovery!

    Our weather is like yours, we have sunny days on and off and it has been raining since morning until now.

    You two look great and beautiful!

  8. We had a beautiful day too! Im glad you got outside to enjoy it.

  9. Mommy loves it when it is sunny! It dried up some of the mud.

    Doggy Kisses,

  10. Thanks for coming over to my bloggie. Thanks for the encouragement! It is so sad that anyone would say you "should of been drowned at birth because we are white shelties and are a disgrace to the breed", I am looking at you in the sunshine and you are beautiful. I am sure you are beautiful in the dark too.
    Sweet William The Scot


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