Friday, February 10, 2012

The right foot shoe monster

Some years ago we had a shoe monster at our house. It didn't do anything bad - but shoes and socks would mysteriously end up outside. Okay, I admit it...... it was me. One has to remember though, that we dogs have very sensitive noses and dads shoes and sock did offend my senses somewhat so I figured I would just leave them outside to air. Well now there is a NEW shoe monster in the house and NO - it isn't me! This one ONLY ever takes the right shoe and ONLY ever chews on the right corner at the front. It also ONLY takes Mom's shoes which is not making her at all happy. Mom grew up not wearing shoes and has bad arthritis is her feet so finding extra wide, extra soft and small shoes is difficult and when she does....they are prized possessions. To find that a monster has blatantly attacked them and gnawed to corner off 3 right shoes and has not touched the left ones has her somewhat annoyed and a little perplexed.

Now personally I have a theory about this. I am pretty sure it involves the 'youngest' member of our family - although he is not the smallest. I would call him middle sized. I do believe he is white and tan in color and has been known in the past to be a trouble maker. I am pretty sure you can guess who I think the shoe monster is. As is stands now the Shoe Monster is up for three and the Shoes are running at zero - it is a trend Mom fully intends to turn around!


  1. We have a shoe monster here too. And when we took Finn to the dog sitter, the shoe monster suddenly appeared there too. Hmmm... no worries, hopefully Momma will get some new shoes from you for Valentine's Day!

  2. BOL! Are you sure it's little Denny boy?

    He is so clever and he knows left and right :)

  3. Uh oh. Maybe someone should nibble on Denny's feet?

  4. Sherlock Sam is heading right over to help solve the mystery!


  5. Denny that is not a good boy. You probably have lots of other stuff to chew on. I had a young black underwear monster; either that or I missed the laundry hamper nearly every night when I toss in my dirty clothes. He's grown out of it now, only took 2 and half years.

  6. Well, it is nice to see that Jackson isn't in trouble this time, but poor Mom, what to do with three left shoes and no mates? Mom has shoe problems too, but she has a very long foot and a super duper skinny one. The shoe manufacturer's seem to have forgotten to make anything in her size:(

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. OOPS! I think they figured it out that it's you, Denny. You better quit while you're ahead, buddy!

    Love ya lots,

  8. Uh oh... shoe monster? Sounds like somebody might be in big trouble.

    Hey! Thanks for sneezing on Allred!!! I'm going to add you to the list... and I owe you. Just name it!



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