Thursday, August 2, 2012

Suncatchers and Dogervising

The Mom in all her wisdom (or as we like to call it "her wacky ideas time" decided we needed to do some indoor activities because we are sooooooo bored being inside all the time with this hot weather.

So today she decided to make her own suncatcher and asked if I would help with dogervising. First we began by sorting out the beads into their respective colors (not an easy task considering us dogs are supposedly color blind!)

Next she laid them out in a pattern in a baking tin (personally I think making a large dog cookie would of been better Mom!) Now for anyone interested in trying this - these are just cheapo plastic beads she got from the craft store and you can arrange them "any old how" you want. You can make them any size too - Mom has even seen them made in muffin pans.

Anyway, Mom kept adding beads until the tray was full then I had to give it my woof of approval - yep that will do Mom (even though I still think a cookie would of been better). It went into a 450 degree oven for about 20 minutes. Then we let it cool and turned it out - and this is what we got - pretty neat huh! Needless to say the dweebs just barked at it and tried chasing the funny colors that were shining on the ground from it. Dweebs will be dweebs is all I can say! Mom says she has another project tomorrow - I hope this one involves cookies!


  1. Mom thinks these are really a great idea. She may try it next week with the grandbipeds. Bet they would have fun. Do you have to put anything on the pans? can you re-use the pans for baking?

    We will try to be like you and snoopervise, but we might have to keep an eye on Lightning because he might decide those beads are treats.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. Those look like fun,but we are with you. NEEDS TO BE COOKIES MOM!!!

    Susie & Bites

  3. Those are really pretty. I liked her idea of cooking them on the grill! Who'd thought?

    What a creative use for beads!

  4. Very, very cool! Good job helping your mom, Reilly!

  5. Oh wow, very cool! Did you get a cookie afterwards maybe?

  6. wow! that looks really cool! Do you have to put anythin on the pans so that the beads dont stick? Anyways, glad you had a good time dogservising. My girls, being shelties too, do that ALL THE TIME. Especially while cleaning, and wheen tthe vacuum comes out!
    Take care,
    Jenn, Heidi and Shelby

  7. Interesting. But I'm with Reilly and Denny, let's make dog cookies and eat them. Your mom can have a couple with her drink.

  8. that is pretty. And you are a good helper. But I agree a cookie would be good. Hope that is your project for tomorrow.

  9. That is so cool. And what a great idea for the nephews and nieces when they visit.

    You have given my Vickie a ton of ideas for fun.


  10. Wow that is pretty cool. Mommy wants to try that. I would rather have cookies.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. How pretty and how colorful! Will this hang outside in your yard, Reilly?

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. Cool idea! Thanks for providing the link too. Interesting to see how they arranged them -- some being all one color bead in a cup cake pan -- some being different patterns. Some just being thrown into the cup cake pan. Interesting. Mommy kept scrolling back and forth. Mommy really likes the one you did. It's pawsome! Thanks for sharing!


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