Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yummmm chomp

Mom says we have been so good on our D.I.E.T that today we got a special treat - fresh yummy beef ribs!!!

Best of all - it was only 64 degrees outside this morning so we got to sit on MY deck and enjoy the cool and a bone! Life doesn't get much better then this - well actually it does - because as soon as I finish blogging - we are going to MY park for a walkies!!!

We are going to check out the lake today and see what is happening with the ducks - anyone want to to come?

Oh - Mom got the blood tests results back on the Wuzster - all negative. So the limpies remain a mystery. We have been trying to keep Dweeb #2 rested and quiet but ya know how well that is working - that Dweeb just loves to bounce and play. Last night Dweeb #1 and him had an attack of zoomies around the house - up on the couch, round the table, in and out the bedrooms, outside, back inside, up on the couch, in the chair - well you get the picture - major attack of the zoomies!


  1. It's so hard to keep them quiet, isn't it?


  2. You guys are so lucky!!! What a beautiful day started with yummy chomp and then some walkies to the lake!
    Count me in as I would love to say Hi to the ducks too!


  3. Ooooo those bones look sooooo good. Enjoy your ealk.

  4. SO glad that it's cool enough for zoomies!! Enjoy YOUR park today!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  5. Enjoy your bones and your walk!

  6. WOW, bones! and going to the water, can we come over for a visit!!!

    Susie & Bites

  7. Katie had major zoomies tonight...I guess in response to being home after a weekend of doggie camp.

  8. Hi Reilly and Denny, my brother and my sister are both shelties and they have not developed any sort of a limp and we don't believe that what you have is common among shelties. About the only odd thing is my sheltie brother's right front ankle "cracks" as he walks but the chiropractic vet showed my mom a special message exercise that should reduce that as well as asked us to add Ligaplex to his diet. So we're not sure what could be causing you some issues. Has the vet x-rayed higher, like along your spine?

  9. The beef ribs do look yummy!! You both are very lucky!! have fun today!


  10. We think Reilly is limping because an evil vodoo cat is after him. Nothing else makes sense.

    Paw Ssss - Glad the tests were negative.


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