Friday, August 3, 2012

Can we say "YUM"

Woo hoo - Mom said we were going to do another indoor project today and guess what we made - COOKIES for MEEEEEEE all for MMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
What do you mean I have to share them with the dweebs Mom - they didn't help making them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOUL I say - unfair I say - What The Dog I say!"Just get on with your blog Reilly" Mom says! Okay but I still don't think it's fair! So we went on and found this nice easy recipe for milkbone cookies - which of coarse the "Mom being the Mom" had to change a bit - she thought they might be a bit flavorless so she added some chicken baby food and some cheese so our cookies became Chickin 'n' Cheese Milkbones.

Heres the recipe Mom simply added 1 jar of chicken baby food and 1/3 cup of finely shredded cheese

Okay - Step 1 & 2 First collect all the ingredients you need (yeah yeah - we are only showing some of them!) Then measure out the flour - hey Mom - this is messy stuff - where's my apron!

Step 2 & 3 - Add the wet ingredients and stir. Then you have to go in with all paws and "knead it" until it forms a ball. YES! I washed my paws first.

Step 5 & 6 - Mom scored this collection of doggie shaped cookie cutters on Amazon for $4 so I thought I would give them a try. But then the Mom said "hold on there budaroo - those are awfully big cookies and you are already a chunky monkey - you don't NEED BIG cookies". What The Dog MOM!!!!!! Can you believe she said that!!!! Then to add injury to insult she only let us have one BIG cookie each and then made me cut out all these teeny tiny bones - SLAVE LABOR I say!!! And if that wasn't bad enough - can you BELIEVE she FORCED me to eat a nice tasty bone so I wouldn't eat the cookie dough!!!! And again I question "why are the dweebs getting any - middle sized dweeb is outside barking at 'who knows what' and the small dweeb has not got his sorry butt out of bed yet and it's 11.00am for dogs sake!!!!"

Okay - I digress - Step 7 & 8 - After cutting out soooooooo many teeny tiny bone shapes I QUIT and refused to cut any more - that was rough going on the paws let me tell you! So Mom said "okay - we will do some big ones just to remind you of your buddies" We have one for our Basset Buddies - Martha and Bailey and Fred and Gloria, a dreaded C.A.T which we thought TANK would enjoy taking a bite out of (he can think of it as Allred), a scottie dog for Jazzi, Sweet William and Stewart, a Collie for Sherman and Essex, an Airedale for Mitch, Molly, Wyatt, Stanzie and Miss Sunshine, a retriever for Bert and Finn, Shelties for Katie, Eva, Oreo, Chewy, Ricky, Java, Miley, Guiness, Bailey, Katy and all the other shelties (sorry I am 5 my memory is going on me) and for everyone else who we didn't have dog shapes for - we made dog houses, paw prints and fire hydrants. This recipe made A LOT of cookies! Now the torture begins because the cookies have finished cooking and we have to WAIT yes I said WAIT! for them to cool down.

Decisions decisions - which one will I try first ?

Hmm one should probably ponder on the fact that we are gnoshing down on our own likenesses - but what the heck - when they taste this good - who cares if we are dogabulls


  1. Bowsers, we love dog shaped cookies. Especially Cheddar Collies.

    Essex & Sherman

  2. Hey they sound great copied the stuff for mom to make us some.

    Thanks; Susie & Bites

  3. I'll take a Bert, an Allred, and a couple of dog houses. They look so very good.

  4. Awwww, thanks for making a cookie for Chewy & Oreo! They are a bit jealous that they can't eat it thru to computer screen.

    Your mommy is a very special mommy to go thru all that work (although, I'm sure you were a very, very good helper) for you guys. She is quite brilliant for adding chicken baby food and cheese! I would never have thought of adding baby food, but I know dogs LOVE it.

  5. Sounds like you'll have cookies for awhile.

  6. Hi Reilly, oh that's really nice. Fresh cookies - it's pretty hard to turn that down. But more cookies in your tummy is better.

  7. There is no way I could have set my dogs up infront of those cookies and taken a picture. You would have seen Cookie Monster action. LOL

  8. yummmmmmm - they look so delicious, Reilly! Can we please each have an Airedale? Thank you SO MUCH!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  9. Yummers! You boys are So lucky!

    Bart and Ruby

  10. Gosh Reilly - I didn't know you were such a good baker! Those cookies look delicious!

  11. Wow Reilly! You are a good cook! Katie wants to come live with YOU!

  12. They sure look yummy, but I can't help but think that squirrel or cat shapes would have been more appropriate.


  13. WHOA!!! Those cookies are NEAT!!!!

  14. Those look awfully tasty! We just love when the Mama makes cookies! I hope you'll link this post up to the Tasty Tuesday blog hop at Kol's Notes tomorrow!


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