Sunday, August 12, 2012

Denny and info for Jenn

Some info for Jenn
Jenn was asking about Denny and his clomicalm and wanted to know how long it took to work - for Denny we noticed a difference within a week BUT Denny is only a year old and his 'weird' behaviors are not so badly ingrained within him yet.

For an older dog who has 'weird' behaviors it will probably take longer - our vet said it could take up to a month and also finding the right dosage is important.

The medicine also has to be used in conjunction with retraining. Basically the older they are the more they have to "unlearn" their fears - the clomicalm allows them to be relaxed enough to start do this. So it is the medicine and some unlearning that have to work together.

I have been super impressed with the difference this has made to Denny and in the past month he has already learned 5 new tricks - something he just couldn't do before as he was previously to 'fearful' to sit still for more then a few seconds and couldn't concentrate.

The only downside is Denny will be on this medicine for life as it is a chemical imbalance that it is causing this and the medicine is what is helping put that inbalance back in balance. I must also point out you really have to stick with the daily dose - I missed his tablets for two days when I wasn't well myself and we noticed him reverting back to being fearful in just that short time. For us - it is worth the effort as we have a happy boy who can live his life without being terrified all the time.

Denny is still a quirky little guy - he doesn't like it when I put a new bag in the trash can or fold up the ironing board to put it away and he still doesn't like it when something is not in its 'normal place' before he was just terrified of that - now he will bark at it to let me know - 'that is not where it belongs'. On the upside - he LOVES his cuddles now - providing I sit on the floor on with him - he will climb on my lap and just stay there having his ears rubbed which he loves. He loves going for walks now too and is often first out the door. As with all doggies - day by day is a learning process but at least now he is happy :)


  1. Thanks for sharing the information! For us dog owners, you never know what situation we will find ourselves in and it is always good to hear pros and cons from others.


  2. Glad that the medicine works and Denny is a happy boy now.

  3. Sounds like Denny is doing very well!

  4. Hi, my sheltie brother Jetta has been a bit quirky too. We think that we mistakenly left him too long with his breeder. When he first came to rejoin his sister, he was very fearful, often hiding between or behind my peeps' legs. We didn't know about Clomicalm. But in order to help him with his fears, my dad used to take him to busy shopping malls where my dad would get him to sit in front of an entrance/exit to the Mall and watch people come and go for a half hour or so at a time. He gradually overcame his fear. But other weird things have continued like barking at my mom's mom, who he's seen pretty much every business day for the last 7 years and who has also fed him dinner for that much time too. While Denny might have some preferences, we were wondering if Shelties don't just have some peculiarities?

  5. Thats so great that the medication was able to help him!!

  6. So glad the medication is continuing to help.

  7. We're just thrilled that you're a happy boy once again, Denny!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. The part about barking at things that are not in their place reminds me of Sherman.

    Glad your medicine is working.

  9. Yay brave boy Denny! So happy that the meds are helping the little guy out.

  10. Denny, we are so happy that you are feeling more comfortable. 5 new tricks! You go, little dude!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  11. Yippee! You're feeling better Denny!


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